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10.1 Inches Large UW-02 Washing and Curing Machine

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UW Series Washing and Curing Machine: UW-02(10.1-inch)

All-in-one Washing Curing Machine. Large space for washing and curing. Integrated automatic cleaning of your 3d printed model. Curing 3d printed parts by controlling light, speed, and time accurately. Dimension of washing basket cleaning: 240 x160x200mm.

10.1-inch Washing/Curing Machine: Large space for washing and curing, to meet the processing demand of large size models.
360° all-around curing:
360° specular reflections curing rotating platform with 385nm and 405nm dual-band LED beads, all-round curing without dead band.
Upgrade the lens UV lamp beads: Dual-band UV lamp beads strip, increase entire lens strip to make the UV light source irradiation is the more uniform and concentrated and more complete model
Speed/Time settings supported.
Product Parameter:
Fully-enclosed machine size: 325*295*584mm
Washing size: 240*160*200mm
Maximum model weight: 2.5kg
SLA wavelength: 385nm&405nm
Box type: Fully-enclosed

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Well spent money! This machine works perfect combined with my Elegoo Saturn. The large tank allows me to wash my large and bulky prints. Con: is that I wish that the power button was on the side instead of the back !!
Amazon user
It's easy to use. I was looking for a larger cure station and I must say I found a win here with creality. It's super quiet which is amazing for the size. The design is really nice. The Led tower looks well made all the lights come on lol. The magnet base is really cool and very smooth when rotating. The front panel is nice and responsive. This cure station is easy to use and looks awesome when it's on. It was well packaged also. Overall I'm very satisfied with my purchase and will buy another later probably.
Spencer2021-12-25 03:47:56 VERIFIED
Question: Do you sell additional wash buckets for the Creality 3D UW-01?

Answer: Hi please contact our online service if need sale@creality3dofficial.com

Briana2021-12-25 03:47:57 VERIFIED
Question: Is it possible to be able to purchase an extra wash bucket enclosure for UW-02 without buying a second machine?
fanplant fanplant2021-12-27 03:41:05 VERIFIED
Question: How long do you need to wash the printed item? I use the anycube wash and go 2 with 99% isopropanol but even after 10min of washing there is still resin residue on my print and is not fully cleaned.

Answer: UW-02 supports 3 kind speeds(Quick/Normal/Slow) and you could set up the wash time freely. https://www.creality3dofficial.com/files/html/20211225/Printed.jpg。 Like this model, it is recommended to wash in fast mode for 10 minutes, and then take it out, use a relatively small brush to clean some details on the surface, and then rinse (clean) with alcohol. If the printed product has small (pointy) details, You can clean at normal speed first, do not cure it directly, use a brush (soft) to clean the surface of the details, and then rinse(clean) with alcohol. It will be cleaner

10.1 Inches Large UW-02 Washing and Curing Machine
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