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Home Collections Creality K1C High Speed 3D Printer
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Creality K1C High Speed 3D Printer

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Creality K1C High Speed 3D Printer
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John Robinson
It really is a plug and play printer, just remember to adjust the power switch on the side if you’re in the us. Auto leveling works very well and the remote viewing, pausing and status is really nice to have. I’m very pleased with how quiet it runs and how fast. I used the wireless print function and it worked flawlessly. I’m looking forward to really seeing what all this printer can do!
Scott Veneziano
I had never used a 3d putting before. I took it out of the box and started printing like a pro. The software is super easy. It has wifi, so you can monitor and print from your phone. I have been printing non stop ever since I bought this. There are tons of free designs on the web and it comes with a free year subscription to Creality's cloud service. I've printed several accessories out of carbon fiber nylon and glass fiber. No clogs in hundreds of hours so far. You will not regret this one.

Jeremy Folsom
I've owned several 3D printers and was exciting to try this one out BUT, I don't think that model was quite ready to hit the market. The one I received had a lot of the issues taken care of already, but I have a MAJOR issue with buzzing noises from the print head moving back and forth at any reasonably fast speed sometime. The whole purpose of this printer was to be able to print super fast, and I can't do that either. Then, when I went to try and figure out what the problem was, I found a stripped screw in the print head, which may be causing the noise, but Creality support doesn't seem to understand what I'm asking of them!
Michael Black
Fantastic printer. Love it. Zero issues, printer came with v1 nozzle and extruder and I've had no problems what do ever. Not sure what others are doing to cause issues. Out of the box and printing in 15 mins after built in calibration. Ran this printer non stop during the Christmas season for gifts and displays. I have timed and tested it compared to my old bed slingers and on average this printer is about 4x faster. Highly recommend it, looking into grabbing the k1 max next.

Pedro leitão
I LOVE how all the printers are getting faster and faster. I needed a fast printer to get things finished nicely. I'm shocked you can use the slicer in the mobile app to slice and print stl files. I was having some issues figuring out how to upload stl files, and creality helped me navigate through the app, and it works great!

Ben Bardsley
This printer is blazing fast out of the box. Prints are easily and conveniently done from the cloud, and a lot of the guesswork of printing is removed. I am a big fan of the enclosure it already has set up, and it saves me a considerable amount of space compared to the ikea lack setup I had with my Ender 3 V2 inside of it. I've already printed a guard for the exhaust fan that holds carbon filter material inside of it to make it safe for asa/abs as well. It's an excellent choice for the price range in my opinion if you value the enclosure capabilities as much as I do.

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