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Upgraded Touch Panel Screen Display for Ender-3 (Pro) /Ender 3 V2

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Product Description




4.2.2ファームウェア ダウンロード
4.2.7ファームウェア  ダウンロード







✔Crealityと互換性がありますエンダ3.プロ ,エンダ3., エンダ3 V2, エンダ3倍.


エンダ3 V2タッチスクリーン



エンダ3 V2タッチスクリーン



エンダ3 V2タッチスクリーン


画面は、広い視力と操作が簡単になるように傾けられます。 3Dプリンタベースに直接固定できます。

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Josh i
Great Upgrade

This is a fantastic upgrade, however i gave this 3 stars for reasons that i will explain.
So, the pros i have for this are:
2) Super fluent/quick between screens
3) with the 4.2.7 board = it is super quiet
4) Easy to navigate
Now onto the cons:
1) It is not Open Sourced - meaning, cannot update firmware other than official creality.
2) Due to #1, i cannot add my filament sensor
3) Gcode files cannot be in folders now (sucks for me since i use folders to organize my prints)
4) there is little to no support/help on this screen - bc it is closed sourced.
Now i love the fact i have this, however, i wish i would of did more research to find out i cannot add my upgrades and adjust to the newest marlin (still 2.0.1). Dont let it scare you away, just hoping that it becomes open and we can adjust ourselfs.

Jonathan Frenelle
lack luster display

I got this display thinking I was upgrading from my ender 3 v2 display well I was so very wrong.Thw touch screen display is basic at best .the options are minimal at best .there is no estep calculation or any rapid values to change. You can move xyz and preheat the bed and nozzle and set z0. That's pretty much all you can do.
Great for preteens that like to mess with settings but horrible for any one who wants to make a printer work to its meat potential .
I will never recommend this display to anyone

Rémon Kok
A must have update for you Ender 3 Pro

I have my Ender 3 Pro for about 6 months and I really loved it but I was always fighting with the display control know. But this update makes it so much easier especially when you preheat the bed and nozzle like I always do. It's easy just go to the temperature control and fill in the numbers you want and it goes. But I would suggest the upgrade to the motherboard v4.2.7. which makes you have less headaches from the sound!