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Home Collections エンダーシリーズホワイト/ブラック/グレー PLAフィラメント 2KG
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エンダーシリーズホワイト/ブラック/グレー PLAフィラメント 2KG



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エンダーシリーズホワイト/ブラック/グレー PLAフィラメント 2KG
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高強度、良好な靭性;(2)密度が小さく、大容量のモデルをより軽く印刷する場合、コストを節約できます。(3)費用対効果が高く、幅広い温度範囲で処理できます。(4)直径1.75mm、バリエーション+/-0.1mm、真円度+/-0.05mm;(5)(6)さまざまな3Dプリンター、Makerbot、UP plusに適用する、メンデル、プルサ、シリーズなど (7) バブルなし (8) 色:ホワイト+ブラックパッケージ:ホワイト&ブラック/ホワイト* 2 /ブラック* 2 (オプション)


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This is my first 3D printer and after a month it's become my new favorite hobby. Requires some research and self education to correctly assemble and tune, but wasn't difficult. Fortunately there's a wealth of YouTube content to help. If you're willing to put in the time watching videos and learning how to correctly assemble and tune to perfect your prints, this printer is one of the best FDM printers on the market at an amazing price. Expect to pay another $20-30 or so in key component upgrades that greatly improve the quality but you can get great prints out of the gate!

David Corcoran
The spool is clean. After printing all night, no problems were found. Took several tries to find a temp that would let it stick to the bed. The first layer is 220 degrees, the hot bed is kept at 60. and then keep the temperature about 195, the prints will not twisted

Ich benutze immer hauptsächlich Creality PLA ... ... aber diese Version hat eine spannende Abwechslung zu den vorherigen. Die Rolle selbst ist transparent oder hat Öffnungen. Sie können sehen und abschätzen, wie viel Filament noch auf der Rolle ist. Das habe ich an diesem Produkt immer sehr geschätzt.

Drucker: Ender3 pro Da ich häufig Lithophane drucke habe ich schon viele verschiedene weiße Filamente gekauft und gemerkt, dass weiß nicht gleich weiß ist. wie in diesem Fall, richtig schönes Schnee weiß. Bisher wurden einige Gehäuse und Weihnachtsgeschenke gedruckt, ohne Probleme. Gutes Einstiegsfilament zum guten Preis.
This filament is fantastic. It's just a shame that they've both raised the price and dropped the quantity of filament you can buy. When I bought this back in May, it was 4kg (so 2kg spoils), for ~30 USD. Now it's 41USD for half the material. Really really Frustrating
Hugo Björkdahl
fast shipment, great product
Q Good evening I would like to ask what temperature is needed when printing to stick to the bed thank you
A Hi, about the printed item could not stick to bed. Please make sure bed leveling before printing. Here're some tips to help: 1. Set the printing speed of the first layer to 20mm/s in the slicing software, and the printing speed and moving speed are slower. At the same time increase the temperature of the hot bed by about 10 degrees, 2. You can add a raft when slicing. If it is still not sticky, it is recommended that you stick a piece of masking paper or apply a layer of solid glue on the platform at the beginning of printing to increase the adhesion. 3.And you could try to turn off the blower fan. When printing the first layer.
Paul Petersen
Q Is your filament FDA approved as food safe?
A The PLA 3D printed materials have tiny holes and cracks that can accommodate harmful germs and bacteria. In addition, the coloring in PLA signifies the presence of an additive that is not food safe.
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