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Home Collections Ender-3 V2 Neo 3D プリンターキット
creality online store ender-3 v2 NEO 3d printer
creality upgraded ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer
creality upgraded ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer
creality upgraded ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer
creality upgraded ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer
creality upgraded ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer
creality upgraded ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer

Ender-3 V2 Neo 3D プリンターキット



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Ender-3V2 NEO

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Ender-3 V2 Neo 3D プリンターキット
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Ender-3V2 Neoのアップグレードは何ですか?

CR Touchによる精度の向上。16点の自動印刷高さ補正により、レベリング精度が保証されます。


新しい UI によるモデルプレビュー。プレビュー機能により、モデル選択が見えるようになり、進捗状況を監視できます。


-エンダー-3V2 NEOとエンダー-3V2の比較-

モデル Ender-3V2 エンダー-3V2 NEO
平準化モード n/a CRタッチ
サーフェスを構築 強化ガラス PCスプリングスチール磁気ビルドプレート
押し出しマテリアル 硬質プラスチック フルメタル
電源ブランド まあまあ 臨界
マシンサイズ 475*470*620ミリメートル 438×424×472ミリ
印刷サイズ 220*220*250ミリメートル
ディスプレイ 4.3「カラーノブ画面
メインボード 32 ビットサイレントメインボード
接続性 マイクロ USB/TF カード
Z 軸 単一Z軸設計
印刷を再開する はい
フィラメントセンサー n/a


-3V2 Neo 開封と印刷

-Ender-3V2 Neo:アップグレードは何ですか、V2とS1の違い

ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer,  upgraded ender-3v2 3d printerender-3v2 neo 3d printer, upgraded ender-3v2 3d printer


に基づく 3 レビュー


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Shawn Caudill
Out of the box eveything was there and no damage... The packaging was very well made and protected the printer in everyway. Build went super easy since its mostly built anyways. All i did was tighten the 4 bolts on the center, 4 on each side and the gantry. Leveled the plate, feed the Black Silk PLA I bought seperatly and started printing the bunny. Look great so far.

mike ferguson
Perfect Prince every time even for beginners! I bought this ender 3 V2 neo with the self-leveler level the bed the first time I watch the you tube videos I made over 70 prints never had to adjust the bed yet it's got a few things missing but I am 99.5% happy with the printer I wish they would have put a filament run out sensor or sell that as an option to put on this machine that would make this printer 99.7% perfect to make it 100% perfect put a bigger bed on It but if you're doing small prints you'll be happy with it definitely worth the money

This is my first 3D printer. I love how easy this was to set up -- takes less than 30 minutes. However, leveling the bed was confusing using the included firmware, and I was unable to flash the firmware from the SD card (but I think I can flash using a USB Micro B cable). Fortunately, you don't have to level the bed before every print -- you can rely on the included CR Touch to a large extent. I made use of several tutorials on and that helped a lot. Subtracting a star because it is less customizable than the Ender 3 V2. One person found this helpful
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