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Home Collections Impresora 3D mejorada Ender-3 NEO CR Touch ABL instalada
creality ender 3 neo 3d printer
creality ender 3 neo 3d printer

Impresora 3D mejorada Ender-3 NEO CR Touch ABL instalada

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Ender-3 NEO

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Impresora 3D mejorada Ender-3 NEO CR Touch ABL instalada
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Alimentación suave
La extrusora de metal completo con mayor fuerza permite una alimentación suave.
Sin miedo a cortes de energía
Mayor tasa de éxito con la función de reanudación de la impresión, que ahorra datos en caso de corte de energía y, a continuación, recupera la impresión una vez que se vuelve a encender.
Estabilidad mejorada
Los resortes de molde de acero aleado brindan un gran soporte a la plataforma para una impresión estable.

Parámetro del producto Ender-3 NEO

Generar volumen 220*220*250 mm
Dimensión de máquina 440*440*465 mm
Velocidad de impresión Máx. 120 mm/s
Precisión de impresión ±0,1 mm
Altura de capa 0,05-0,35 mm
Diámetro del filamento 1,75 mm
Cantidad de boquillas 1
Diámetro de la boquilla 0.4 mm (estándar)
Temperatura de la boquilla 260 ℃
Temperatura del lecho térmico 100 ℃
Construir superficie Vidrio de carborundo
extrusora Extrusora Bowden
Material extrusor Metal completo
Modo de nivelación CR táctil
Mostrar Pantalla de perilla mono 12864
Placa base Placa base silenciosa de 32 bits
reanudar la impresión
Potencia nominal POTENCIA DE CREALIDAD 350W
Software de corte Rebanadora Crealidad/Cura/ Simplify3D
Método de transmisión de datos Tarjeta TF/USB
Filamento compatible PLA/ABS/PETG
Idioma admitido chino/inglés/español/alemán/francés/ruso/portugués/italiano/turco

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Awesome service from Comgrow. Had an issue with a part and they were fast to reply, investigate and ship out a replacement part.
Mathias V.B
100% satisfait de cette imprimante : (N'hésitez pas a regarder les images joints pour voir les rendus) Les points possibles ; 1.Possibilité de reprendre une impression après coupure de courant 2.facile a prendre en mains et à monter : en effet j'étais novice dans le milieu et après seulement deux soirées j'ai pue commencé à imprimer. 3.grande superficie d'impression (220x220x250mm) 4.ecran facile d'utilisation et disponible en francais (même si le francais n'es pas des mieux traduit) permet de mettre en pause pour changer de filaments mais aussi modifier des réglages de température ou ventilateur dn cours de route. leveling (attention il ne vous dispose pas des réglages du lit mais permet de corriger les problèmes lier au mauvais réglage( 6.Dispose de tout les outils nécessaires pour débuter (grattoir, pince coupante coudé, 3 clef à écrous, une buse de rechange, un tourne visse, un adaptateur micro sd vers usb et un lot de 5 clef a len)
Kimberly Gerlach
This is my first 3D printer. It was partially assembled. Assembling instructions had detailed enough pictures and parts were labeled clearly. I had to google how to do the manual bed leveling because there were no instructions for it. After that the machine does the leveling automatically. I had good print quality with no calibration. The ender 3 community online is huge and helpful and there are lots of mods if you want to customize your machine.
James Cheves
To be honest, I had really anticipated that putting this printer together wouldn't be much of a problem. However, trying to figure out some of the various orientations for the print head, z-axis, etc., etc., left me a bit befuddled. I think it would have gone better if the parts were individually labeled -- A1, A2, B1, B2, etc.. Also adding to MY confusion was the orientation. At 72, I may be an old fuddy-duddy, but back in the day, I managed to assemble various HeathKits with very little problems (aside from needing a certain amount of digital dexterity). Included was the printed assembly guide (Quick Start Guide), and nothing else. The Micro SD card had 3 files on it, two of which were .gcode (not very helpful for the assembly process). The third file was a .rar, which left me in a no-man 's land in terms of anything useful. Eventually, by a combination of fussing, fuming, and outright swearing, I managed to get the mechanical assembly completed. Then the real fun began -- leveling the bed. Oh, my God, Harry!!!!!! Every twist I made seemed to produce opposite results. I had viewed various You-Tube tutorials, and thought I was well prepared, but this was not the case. Since I'm using OctoPrint, I was able to download and install the "bed visualizer", and after running through the process many times, I managed to get a configuration that allowed me to run through various tests without too much of a problem (patience and perseverance are the key here). The included glass bed does a great job of providing adhesion -- so much so that the metal spatula is a must for removing prints. However, I found that by using another glass bed, with a piece of PEI on top, not only made for prints that were easier to remove, but also provide a 'mirror-smooth' surface on the bottom, which makes for a much nicer presentation if you're making name tags, etc..

Eddie Parks
For those of you just getting started in 3D printing. I highly recommend this printer. A friend bought the base model and between the two the few upgrades make printing that much easier.

Very easy assembly. Took about 30-40 minutes. I was printing in about 15 minutes. Printed great after leveling. Really easy setup and came in good shape. The shipping was fast but it did delay one day which I wasn’t super happy but otherwise I recommend you buy. I’m so impressed and happy with it.

Jackson Gould
Q When the Ender-3 Neo available? Does it use a Meanwell Power Supply?
A It was a Crealiy Power Supply
Peng Chen
Q The mainboard is the 4.2.2 or the 4.2.7?
A The mainboard is the 4.2.2GD TMC2208 driver
Q The advertising pitch says "full-metal extruder". is this really an all-metal hot end capable of high temperature printing or a scam lie?
A I think you have some confusion, the extruder is the part that pulls the filament through the Bowden tube to the hot end. The original Ender 3 series printers all came with a plastic extruder that the arm (piece you push in to be able to manually feed filament through the extruder) would crack and break over time. this comes with the upgraded all metal extruder.
Q what is the environment operating temperature? I plan to use it in a room that could get down to 60 degrees F.
A I've printed in a colder room than that but to keep it more controlled, I just got an enclosure for it. It depends what filament you use and your settings too. You should be fine unless it gets colder than that or you have cool air moving around it.
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