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Home Collections Halot One(CL-60)3Dプリンタ, 500mlのUV樹脂液5本入り

Halot One(CL-60)3Dプリンタ, 500mlのUV樹脂液5本入り

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Halot One(CL-60)3Dプリンタ, 500mlのUV樹脂液5本入り
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Creality Halot Series Resin: Budget Halot One Resin

パッケージ:Halot One * 1、500MLUVレジン* 5(グレー、ブラック、透明、肌色からお選びいただけます)

新しい光源構造:120Wパワーのスーパースポットライト。 精度が20%増加し、均一性が30%増加しました
WIFI-APP機能。 CrealityCloudをサポートします。

OTAオンラインアップグレード:ワンクリックアップグレード。 より良いファームウェアアップグレード体験を手に入れましょう。
インテリジェントオペレーティングシステム-Linux:64ビット4コアCPU + GPUマザーボード。より高速な操作をサポートし、印刷効率を大幅に向上させます。

halot one cl 60 3d printer

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How to Upgrade Firmware Creality Halot-One?

A: Upgraded via USB Cable, video guide:
Upgraded via Wifi(OTA Upgraded), video guide:

Q: why my prints are not sticking on the bed?

A: 1. Please check the bed level of the resin printer. The bed level is needed to parallel to your LCD screen otherwise it is not sticking at all. Check your offset distance between your LCD screen and the build plate, whether there is too much gap between the LCD. Bed leveling guide:
2.Whether you have cleaned out your resin vats and there are bits of cured resin still stuck to the bottom chances. If not a bed leveling problem. You need to check that the base layer exposure time that you apply to the first six to eight layers of every print you run. and properly set up your bottom exposure settings.
3. Some resin can stick very quickly like the faster (with 45-50 seconds exposure time). If you use a different kind of resin/different brand resin. We recommend that you can refer to their listing out the setting of the base layer and layer exposure times.
4. The FEP sheet is too loose. Please check whether your FTP tension before messing with your raised height ( during the peeling process) or whether it needs to replace a new one.

Q: How to Upgrade Firmware Creality Halot-One?

A: Upgraded via USB Cable, video guide:
Upgraded via Wifi(OTA Upgraded), video guide:

Q: What slicer software can be used for Halot resin? Can I use the Chitubox Slicer?

A: Halot Series 3D Printer only supports Halot Box and Lychee Slicer now. Halot Series Resin Printer configured with our Halot Box Slicer (Creality self-development software) and it will be constantly improved and released to our user. And you could also use the Lychee Slicer, now it is compatible. (Support Halot Series: Halot one, Halot Sky, Halot Max)

Halot one Product Reviews and Test, Halot Box Slicer & Creality Cloud reviews

Creality HALOT-ONE resin printer. What is new? Resin 3D printing? What is it and is it better than FDM? Read More

resin 3d printerresin 3d printer, halot one 3d printer

Resin Print Setting? UV Resin Recommend and Parameter Setting tips


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Jeffery A Willsea
I've been printing on FDM Printers for a while but have avoided SLA printers due to the issues dealing with resin. My daughter continually asks me to create miniatures for her so I decided to give it a shot for the higher quality available. I was choosing between this printer and the Voxelab Proxima 6. I was close to pulling the trigger on the Voxelab (I already have a Voxelab Aquila FDM printer and love it) but decided against it for the following issues: they are no longer using Chitu boards, I see few if any firmware updates, no wifi or app. This unit had all of these features. So now onto the Halot One: Everything was well packaged and the unit appears to be well manufactured. Setup was fairly easy, but recommend following youtube videos rather than following the written instructions. Pros: - Vivid and responsive large touchscreen - Wifi and App control/monitoring through Creality Cloud app - Ability to update firmware straight from printer and recent firmware updates - Free stl files available through Creality Cloud - Halot Box software is actually pretty good, also compatible with Lychee Slicer and Chitubox (kind of) - prints well first time with default settings - when you print it allows you use the printer settings or file settings. These can be very convenient as you would not need to reslice based on using different resins.

Edgar a. ochoa
I've been doing 3D printing now for nearly 10 years - but always FDM. I finally decided to try my hand at SLA resin printing and learn something new. The printer is wonderful. It is relatively easy to use. I was able to start getting prints quickly. The only failures has been my fault and not the printer. I'm finding that I seems to be getting great prints out of Siraya ABS Resin and the default exposure time of 1.8 seconds is a little off - 1.6 seems to be better.
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