1KG エンダー PLA フィラメント

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Creality エンダー 3D プリンター PLA フィラメント 1.75mm 1KG スプール

  • 3Dプリンター用の高品質PLAフィラメント。
  • 直径1.75mm、PLAフィラメント、正味重量1 Kg(2.2ポンド)。
  • 直径1.75mmのフィラメントを使用するあらゆる3Dプリンターに対応。
  • 推奨押出/ノズル温度 180℃-215℃
  • 寸法公差:+/-0.02mm
  • カラー:レッド/ブルー/ホワイト/ブラック/グレー



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Decent filament but tricky to use as a beginner. Not knowing to read the outside of the filament roll and maxing out the temps that it says are not good and will lead to horrible clogs and bad feeding issues.
Sam Catlow
Absolutely no issues, high dimensional accuracy and prints beautifully
ethan borochoff
it worked the best for my cr10 s I have tried jayo and overture and they are really brittle so if I were you I would use creality filament
Jacques Senekal
I've used a few different brands of filament and I've had the most successful prints with the Creality Ender White and Black PLA. Still got the Grey to test and have 2 rolls of white on the way. Creality has to be my goto filament.
Creality Customer
This was the first filament I got so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but everything worked pretty good, I did have issues getting the filament to stick to the bed, but I am using the metallic bed so that might be why after using a raft (or printing something with a bigger footprint) I had no issues with the pla itself
1KG エンダー PLA フィラメント
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