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Home Collections Halot One(CL-60)3Dプリンタ-127* 80* 160ミリメートル
HALOT-one Resin 3d printer
HALOT-one Resin 3d printer
HALOT-one Resin 3d printer
HALOT-one Resin 3d printer
HALOT-one Resin 3d printer

Halot One(CL-60)3Dプリンタ-127* 80* 160ミリメートル



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Halot One

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Halot One(CL-60)3Dプリンタ-127* 80* 160ミリメートル
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新しい光源構造:120Wパワーのスーパースポットライト。 精度が20%増加し、均一性が30%増加しました
WIFI-APP機能。 CrealityCloudをサポートします。

OTAオンラインアップグレード:ワンクリックアップグレード。 より良いファームウェアアップグレード体験を手に入れましょう。
インテリジェントオペレーティングシステム-Linux:64ビット4コアCPU + GPUマザーボード。より高速な操作をサポートし、印刷効率を大幅に向上させます。

halot one cl 60 3d printer


プリントサイズ:127* 80* 160ミリメートル

エンジンノイズ:< 60dB







UI スタイル:現実性 UI スタイル

Creality Halot One-樹脂 3D プリンター:セットアップ、テスト、レビュー

Halot one 製品レビューとテスト、Halot Box スライサー & Creality Cloud レビュー


resin 3d printerresin 3d printer, halot one 3d printer


Q: ファームウェア Creality Halot-One をアップグレードする方法は?


Q: プリントがベッドにくっつかないのはなぜですか?

A: 1。ベッドレベルはLCDスクリーンと平行にする必要があり、そうでなければベッドレベルはまったくくっつかません。LCDスクリーンとビルドプレートの間のオフセット距離と、LCDの間に隙間が大きすぎるかどうかを確認してください。ベッドレベリングの問題ではない場合。実行するすべてのプリントの最初の6〜8レイヤーに適用するベースレイヤー露出時間を確認し、適切に設定する必要があります。一部の樹脂は、高速のように非常に速く付着することがあります(露光時間は45〜50秒)。別の種類の樹脂/異なるブランドの樹脂を使用している場合。ベースレイヤーの設定とレイヤー露出時間のリストを参照することをお勧めします。FEP シートが緩すぎます。引き上げた高さにぶつかる前(剥離中)にFTPが張られているかどうか、または新しいFTPを交換する必要があるかどうかを確認してください。

Q: ファームウェア Creality Halot-One をアップグレードする方法は?


Q: Halot 樹脂にはどんなスライサーソフトが使えますか?Chituboxスライサーは使えますか?

A: Halot シリーズ 3D プリンターは現在 Halot ボックスとライチスライサーのみをサポートしています。Halot Box Slicer(Creality 自己開発ソフトウェア)で構成されたHalotシリーズ樹脂プリンタは、常に改善され、ユーザーにリリースされます。また、Lychee Slicerを使用することもできます。互換性があります。(サポートHalotシリーズ:Halot One、Halot Sky、Halot Max)

Halot One Firmware
Latest firmware updates by connecting computer with USB cable
HALOT Slicer Box/Manual
for MAC users、 for win64 computer

に基づく 4 レビュー


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Alex Wilbur
The Halot-One is the first resin printer I purchased, so my experience is limited. I can say it worked out of the box. The initial plate leveling took less than five minutes and then I was off and printing. I have been using the Halot-One everyday for three months now and it has been flawless. I have had to replace a couple FEP vat films, so I have just figured that they are a standard consumable when using a resin printer. I have found it important to level the build plate occasionally. I always level between resin changes, and have no issues with adhesion. As a side note, I have found a couple gallons of iso alcohol, a good supply of rags and paper towels and a dedicated workspace helpful. Disposable gloves, respirator, eye protection and adequate ventilation necessary.
James McKenzie
I reviewed the printer in-depth for my YouTube channel, and was thoroughly pleased with the results. I performed several prints, one of which I'm showing. Wifi connectivity was easy to establish with my home network, and I was able to update the firmware easily through the in-built wifi system. When it came to slicing, the included slicing software was faulty, however, a newer version was already out and I was able to update to that, and it provided the following print with the default settings. The unit is excellent and will likely become my main resin printer up until such time as I can finally get my hands on one of the larger resin printers.

Facebook user
Hey everyone! I finally got a chance to take a break from packing for the move to try out the Creality Halot One resin printer. If I’m being honest, I definitely could’ve done some research before I really got into it, but with our move happening in less than two weeks it’s crunch time for me. I definitely just went full “send it” and obviously hit some snags. Resin printers aren’t nearly as forgiving as FDM, but the quality is outstanding! I fully expect to get lambasted by the all-knowing resin gurus who, I can only imagine, are drooling over my mistakes. But hey, I deserve it, I just went for it. Here are a few thoughts I had after running a few prints through it: General Thoughts: - The small form factor and translucent red cover are a very sexy look that comes together for a small footprint that should sit nicely on any desk. - I wish I would’ve known that it does not come with any sample resin, contrasting FDM printers that typically come with at least enough filament to make a small model. - The UI is nice and clean on the crisp high-definition screen. It’s easy to navigate, but if you’re used to FDM printers you’ll probably need to recalibrate your brain for the different options specific to FDM printers. - I was not at all prepared for resin printing, but that’s on me. I did not have a proper wash and/or cure station nor did I have rubber gloves or a generally good place to work with resin. Don’t do what I did, do some research and prepare yourself. - I had no idea how much resin I needed and what was “normal”. Is it normal for the resin to go above the print area of the print surface? How much resin should I be using for a print? Do I need to wipe anything down ahead of time? How do I properly clean my printer when I’m done? Do I need to prep anything so the prints come off easily when they’re done? I’m sure the information is out there, it just wasn’t readily apparent in what I had available to me. The Good: - The ease of use, in terms of general set up, was far simpler than any FDM printer I’ve used. I got it out of the box, mounted the printing plate, did a quick level of the bed, and that was that. - The small form factor makes it easy to put just about anywhere, but beware… (see The Bad). - Let’s talk about print detail quality. Holy moly, I’ve heard about resin quality prints and the level of detail, but I’ve never seen one in person. The three skulls in this image are about an inch in total. It printer in just under two hours and came out looking very nice. Without a doubt, this machine prints highly detailed models that I couldn’t ever achieve from my FDM printers. The Bad: - For me, the bad is all about the resin. In my humble opinion, it’s awful. The smell, even the low order resin, is stomach turning. Let me just say that I’m an idiot and I recognize that, but I’m definitely the guy who said, “Oh come on, it can’t be that bad to be around”. As I said, I’m an idiot and it’s really bad to be around. On my first print, the printer was about 15 feet away from me in my basement and within 20 minutes I felt nauseous. I had to go outside in the fresh air and just move my laptop outside to work until it was done. My advice to you is either properly vent this or use it in a completely different room than where you or any breathing being is at. Not trying to be dramatic, but I checked out of work an hour early because I couldn’t stomach it anymore and had to go lie down. Just please remember that all this information was already out there, I just decided to ignore it and that’s on no one else from me. My experience is not the fault of Creality or anyone else. Just me. - Resin models can be fragile. It seems to be dependent on the resin you use, but I would opt for a PETG print for something that needs to be strong and resin prints for things that just need to look good. - Resin is messy. Be prepared with rubber gloves, paper towels, and isopropyl alcohol. I’d recommend a wash and cure station to make your life a lot easier. —————————————— Overall, I’m excited to learn more about resin printing and how to best use this machine to make some super quality prints. But for now, it’s time to pack it up and get it ready to use again at the end of the month. I hope my experience helps! If you’d like to see my unboxing experience and see how much of an idiot I am, I encourage you to check out my unboxing video: Facebook:

Les pièces sortent avec une précision incroyable et la prise en main est ultra simple le calibrage se fait en 2min par rapport a une imprimante filament classique Fournis avec la petite raclette pour décoller les pièces c’est bien pratique En plus avec le filtre l’odeur de la résine est masqué c’est parfait

Bob Cunard
Q My Halot One is stuck on the opening splash screen. Is there something I can do to reset it?
A Hi, if you don't mind, please send us more detail to we could check and help better.
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