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Creality CR-30:3DPrintMill、Infinite-Z、リボン3Dプリンター

ウーナオミ・ウー & Creality3D によって作成されたインフィニット Z ボリューム 3D プリンター。プリント寸法:200* 170* ∞mm | 安定したCoreXY構造 | フィラメントセンサー。

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Creality 3DPrintMill(CR-30)ベルト3Dプリンター:

Naomi WuとCreality3Dによって作成されたInfinite-Zボリューム3Dプリンターは、KarlBrownとBillSteeleの作品に基づいています。 3DPrintMillは、無制限の長さの印刷とバッチ印刷の特性を備えているため、印刷時間と費用対効果を節約できます。 特別なInfiniteZベルトは、無限のビルドボリュームを実現する世界初のCreality3Dプリンターです。

無制限のZ軸無制限の印刷:連続印刷を実現するためのローリングコンベヤーベルトが装備されています。無制限の長さのモデルを印刷することを心配する必要はありません。高効率、時間の節約、経済性(印刷サイズ:200 * 170 *∞mm)*印刷中にモデルが落下するのを防ぐために、取り外し可能な拡張ブラケットを取り付けます。







Time Lapse of #3DPrintMill Printed 6-Meter Rod

Creality CR-30 3D PrinterCreality CR-30 3D PrinterCreality CR-30 3D PrinterCreality CR-30 3D PrinterCreality CR-30 3D PrinterCreality CR-30 3D Printer
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Uziel Anaya2021-12-25 04:12:40 VERIFIED
Question: Hello, Will the CR30 print carbon fiber nylon? If not, are there are part available that might help achieve this? Any guidance or recommendations are very much appreciated. Thank you.

Answer: It is not recommended to use high temperature consumables such as PETG/ABS/Nylon, because the belt is recommended to be used in an environment below 80 degrees

Michal Horaczek2021-12-25 04:14:21 VERIFIED
Question: Hello, I have a problem with the adhesion to the belt. I see that adhesion in the central section of the belt (where most of my parts are printed) is much worse than on the sides. Could you advise how to get adhesion of central section of the belt back to it's nominal condition? Is there maybe a cleaning agent which could be used to clean the belt and regain adhesion? If yes, please advise how often cleaning should be performed. Thank you for the feedback in advance.

Answer: 1. Please wipe the surface of the belt with isopropyl alcohol 2. Re-level and adjust the tightness of the belt to ensure that the belt and the hot bed are tightly attached If you have similar questions, please contact us sale@creality3dofficial.com or cs@creality.com

gibbermagash2021-12-25 04:06:08 VERIFIED
Question: What are the outside dimensions of the printer? As in what sized space would it fit into.

Answer: It is about 535*656*410. If you want to add the detachable stand, it will take more space. https://www.creality3dofficial.com/products/creality-splice-bracket-set-for-cr-30

Creality CR-30:3DPrintMill、Infinite-Z、リボン3Dプリンター
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