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  • Chad

    After the first three prints my brand new CR10s Pro V2 has failed completely. It’ll head up and go through the auto leveling. The display reads as though it’s printing but the print head doesn’t move at all. Giving it one last try with new code it heated up and auto leveled then when moving to the lower left corner with the nozzle it left a diagonal gouge across the board it was deep enough to cause the print head to stop and bind.

  • rene barucchi

    ma creality cr 10 V2 bloque a lauto liveling, comment faire

  • daniel cals

    ou est passe ma commande "1112 reponse en français uniquement cdl

  • Lopez

    Je posséde une imprimante 3D CR 10SPROV2. J’ai besoin du cable reliant la carte mère Connecteur Z2 au moteur Axe vertical Correspondant. Je ne trouve personne de chez Creality pour répondre à ma question. Comment se procurer les pièces détachées de cette imprimante. En France personne et en Chine personne ne répond

  • Sean Taffert

    I love my new CR-10s Pro V2. Easy to install/setyup. Prints VERY well and is certainly big enough for most jobs….but….
    What really made it shine was the 3rd party, TinyMachine3D firmware that is WAY BETTER than the Creality release.
    Don’t wait and get it here:
    Otherwise the machine is quite good out of the box, a few loose screws and a bit of tweaking with some 3DP addons for cable & filament management from Thingiverse and you are golden.