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Ender 3 3D Printer

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Product Description

About Ender-3 3D Printer

  • Easy and Quick Assembly: It comes with several assembled parts, you only need about 2 hours to assemble 20 nuts well.
  • Advanced Extruder Technology: Upgraded extruder greatly reduces plugging risk and bad extrusion; V-Shape with POM wheels makes it move noiseless, smoothly, and durable.
  • Safety Protected Power Supply: Only needs 5 minutes for the hotbed to reach 110℃.
  • It is a great project for middle school and high school-aged students. The perfect gift to spark a lifelong love for science and engineering, and provide a deeper understanding of machinery and robotics.

Ender-3 V2-Upgraded Version of Ender 3

  • Updated mainboard with silent TMC2208 stepper drivers:  Compared to the Ender 3 and Ender 3 pro, a V2 design that delivers users out-of-the-box experience and silence-oriented upgrades(quieter 3D printers).
  • New UI & 4.3 Inch Color Screen: With a 4.3-inch color screen and a redesigned UI that prioritizes ease of use, the Ender-3 V2 is an ideal choice for beginners.
  • Carborundum Glass Bed: Better adhesion when you need it, and easier to remove prints when cooled.
  • Easier Maintenance: Pre-installed X and Y-Axis belt tension make it even easier to keep your machine printing at its best. Easily adjust belt tension to maintain accuracy performance.
  • Storage Toolbox: Forget where you put those tweezers or snips? Built-in compartment to store your 3D Printer essentials.

Comparison of Ender 3 and Ender 3 V2

 Ender 3 & Ender 3 V2 Parameter

Printer Ender 3 Ender 3 V2
Modeling Technology FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling) FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling)
Printing Size 220*220*250mm 220*220*250mm
Machine Size 440*410*465mm 475*470*620mm
Package weight 8kg 9.6KG
Input AC 100-265V 50-60Hz AC 115V/230V
Output DC 24V 15A 360W DC 24V 270W
Precision ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Material shortage detection No No
Toolbox No Yes
Power off Resume No Yes
Printing Platform Platform stickers Carborundum Glass Platform
Teflon Tube Ordinary Teflon tube Ordinary Teflon tube
Layer Thickness 0.1-0.4mm 0.1-0.4mm
Screen Normal Interface New UI Interface

About Creality Ender 3 

Creality Ender 3  3D Printer
Creality 3D Printer Ender 3
Creality 3D Printer Ender 3
Creality 3D Printer Ender 3
Creality 3D Printer Ender 3
Creality 3D Printer Ender 3
Creality 3D Printer Ender 3
Creality 3D Printer Ender 3
Creality 3D Printer Ender 3
Creality 3D Printer Ender 3
Creality 3D Printer Ender 3

Creality’s Ender 3 3D Printer is Now Fully Open Source

  Creality3D, the Chinese manufacturer of 3D printers, has announced the open-sourcing of its most popular 3D printer, the Ender-3. This makes it the first Open Source Hardware Association certified 3D printer in China...

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My first few days with the Creality Ender 3

  My amazing wife bought me a 3D printer for Christmas this year (along with some other dope stuff!). She bought me the Creality Ender 3, which I think is the best ~$200 3D printer on the market. I was eager to see if I got a 3D printer, so I was up at 6:30 am on Christmas morning READY to rip into presents!

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Creality Ender 3 Bed Leveling – All You Need to Know

  Any structure needs a strong foundation. The same is true for 3D printed objects. Leveling the bed on your Creality Ender 3 will ensure that that all-important first layer is solid...

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Filament not stick on hot bed ?

For newcomers,this is the most common problem.Do not worry,you can solve it easily.Generally,the distance between nozzle and platform is too far or near.So rotary the knob under platform to adjust the distance between the nozzle and platform again,at a piece of A4 paper distance or less) .

The display shows "Min temp"?

This happens for the following reasons: 1. Thermistor port of nozzle is not plugged into the motherboard above, or poor contact; 2. Thermistor port of nozzle is broken, you need to replace the spare thermistor.

The display shows "MAX temp"?

This happens for the following reasons:

1.Thermistor port of nozzle screw is locked tightly, cause the temperature can not be sensing;

2.Thermistor port of nozzle is broken, you need to replace the spare thermistor.

Axis movement is not normal ?

Please check axis lines and limit lines whether the one-to-one correspondence,whether loose.When you check the extruder motor,you must preheat nozzle over 185℃.

Circles not round,Lines not touching?

If X/Y belt is loose,you can find circles are not round,Lines not touching when printing.Tighten all belts as far as possible.

How to level creality Creality Ender 3 ?

  1. Move the nozzle so that it’s positioned over the left corner of the bed. A half inch or so from both sides is a good location.
  2. Slide the paper between the nozzle and the bed. If it doesn’t fit, drop the corner until it does.
  3. Once the paper is able to slide under the nozzle, very slowly raise the corner with the adjuster. Remember: Clockwise moves the bed up. As you do this, gently slide the paper back and forth. The moment you feel even the slightest resistance to your moving the paper, stop turning the knob. That corner is (almost) ready to go.
  4. Do the same for the other three corners of the build plate. Always advance the hot end to a new corner slowly. This will prevent damage to the build plate in case the nozzle starts to drag. If this occurs, simply lower the next corner (before starting the leveling process) to make some room.
  5. After you’ve adjusted each corner once, go back and check the four corners again. You may have to do further adjustments to get all four correct.

Does Creality Ender 3 need to be assembled all by itself ?

No, Ender 3 is a semi-assembly machine. You can refer to our packing instructions for assembly. Its installation is quite simple.


How long will it take to install Creality Ender 3 ?

The specific installation time depends on the user's familiarity with the product.If you are familiar with the product and can fully understand the installation instructions, it will take about 30 minutes. If you don't know much about a 3D printer, it takes about two or three hours.


What filament does Creality Ender 3 use for printing ?


Does Creality Ender 3 support automatic leveling?

No,Ender 3 does not support automatic leveling.


Creality ender 3 how to change filament ?

Step 1:Adjust the nozzle temperature to the consumable melting temperature and remove the consumables to be replaced.

Step 2:Push the new filament along until you feel firm resistance. This means it has reached the nozzle.

Step 1:Set the heating temperature, eliminate old consumables, and make new prints.


Ender 3 Firmware Download

Ender-3 Firmware  Download

Ender 3 SD Card File  Download

Ender 3 BL touch   Download

Ender 3 Source Code 1.1.61 version Download


Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Its what I was hoping for.

Bought the End 3 back in march, when it came in, I set it up, ran a test, everything went great. I've been making models since then. I've had a few issues but that was me trying out different settings to see what I can do and what it can do and I have been getting better with it. I've found by using the Ultimaker Cura program and plugging the printer to my computer has been doing really great for me. I've haven't done any upgrades to the printer and I do not see to do so at this time as it's been doing what I was hoping it would do. Great job, Thanks.

Great 3D Printer

I received my Ender 3 about two weeks ago and it arrived in perfect condition. After carefully assembling it and leveling the bed following some YouTube videos, I printed my first Benchy! It printed outstanding, with nice quality! Since then, each of my prints have printed flawlessly. Needless to say, I am very happy with this purchase and Creality has designed and manufactured a great printer at a very reasonable price! The key to success is to carefully assemble it using the great resources online and on YouTube. There is a huge population of Creality users online and most are more than happy to help.

Love my Ender 3 Pro

I studied reviews from Amazon and 8 or 9 other sites, so many people say I bought brand XXX and I wished I had bought another Ender, or my friends all told me to buy ad Ender and I bought XXX brand and was sorry I bought the other brand.
While this is my 1st 3 D printer, I cannot imagine how another brand would be better, of course if I spent 500.00 instead of 239.00, I would hope another brand would be better, but from reading so many reviews and my experience so far, I doubt it, I bet it would take 700.00 to purchase a better printer.... PS, dump the Slicer they provide and use CURA 4.6.1, it supports STL files (and many others) which are the predominant free file format for printing objects, I never could get the supplied splicer to convert stl files to enders gcode, took me a few hours to find a great slicer fix, thanks Cura and Youtube :)

Derrick James
Ender 3

I've got to say I was worried after ordering the ender 3. I read of all kinds of issues out of the box. I took some time to level the bed...then re level the bed... Then relevel the bed. Now I've got so much confidence in it I can start a print and walk away. I've only had 2 failures out of 20 or so prints of all sizes and complexity.

Honestly wowed for the product for the price. The only reason I've given it 4 stars is because I have a warped bed that's low in the middle. As long as I stick to the middle I'm fine.

Over all I couldn't be happier and I look forward to continuing to upgrade this printer.

Highly recommend.
The pics are my first print. Ran out of test filament and switched before the end.

Justin Smith
Good 3d printer

Good deal for the money