Creality Capricorn 1Meter Bowden PTFE Tubing

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Creality Capricorn Bowden PTFE Tubing XS Series

Creality Capricorn Tube: 100% original Capricorn XS series tube, 1-meter bow tube, with 1 PC4-M6 and 1 PC4-M10, which is convenient for you to replace the tube.

PC4-M6 and PC4-M10 accessories: PC4-M6 accessories thread M6/3 mm, inner diameter-4 mm, suitable for pipes with an outer diameter of 4 mm. PC4-M10 accessories: thread M10/6 mm, inner diameter-4 mm, suitable for pipes with outer diameter 4 mm.

Less Friction: High lubricating additives make Capricorn XS series tubes have the lowest friction than other ordinary arc tubes. More responsiveness, less shrinkage, more accurate printing, slipping, abrasion, and tearing of the extruder, and less clogging when printing thick filaments.

High-temperature Resistance: Only the highest quality PTFE is used for high-temperature resistance. Creality Capricorn Tube can operate at a temperature as high as 260°C and will not be carbonized like ordinary Teflon tubes!

Creality  Tube  3D Priner

Creality  Tube  3D Priner

Creality  Tube  3D Priner

Creality  Tube  3D Priner

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Justin Andrus
This is such an affordable way to maximize your printer. A must have!
Really food items
Delivery took one month to Finland :(
Alex De Wreede
I orderd the 5 plus as my first 3D printer ever. Untill now ( after aprox 4 weeks) I am very satisfied with my purchase. According to some it is not the best printer for beginning, however if you do not mind to do some research and ask for some help on the official Creality Facebook page I can only recommend this one. My filament sensor broke down after a coupe of days, a few messages with support and they send me out a new one. In the end, I am very happy with my purchase and my second will be orderd very soon.
John Foster
Works great!
Mr. C
Great value and perfect fit for my Ender 3 printer. Highly recommended product.
Creality Capricorn 1Meter Bowden PTFE Tubing
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