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3D printer, 3D printing, WIFI -

The Creality Wifi Box is a device that connects to an FDM 3D printer and provides a wireless connection to your smart devices. It will bring a new revolution of wireless connection for  FDM 3D printers.

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CR-5 Pro, ender series, ender-6 -

" Is there anything special about Ender 6? Is it an upgrade of Ender 5, Ender 5 plus? Which Printer is right for me? What's the difference between Ender 6 and cr-5 pro? When will this be available and what is the expected cost?? " With the release of the Ender-6, We have got the support and also, the attention of many creality users and 3d printing enthusiasts. In this article, we compare the Ender 5, ender 5 plus, and Ender 6. they all have very similar features; however, there are still some aspects that difference, perhaps making you choose one...

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Creality LCD 3D printer, LD-002R 3D printer, Resin 3D printer -

What are SLA, DLP, and LCD resin 3d printers? What are their molding principles and differences? Regarding resin 3D printing, most people may only know the molding method of SLA,(Photo-curing: After being irradiated with light, a special photosensitive printing liquid is cured to become a 3D printed object.) And most people will know that the market prices will come from 1,000 to 10,000 US dollars, even more, which is relatively expensive. Most of DLP / SLA / LCD 3d printers adopt the photosensitive resin. Photosensitive resin is a mixture of photoinitiator, monomer polymer and prepolymer, this material can be cured under the specific wavelength...

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CR-5 Pro -

Creality announced the launch of a new FFF desktop 3D printer on March 28th. The CR-5 Pro which will be available for users across the world and the pre-sale will start soon. “We are noticing a growing demand for better print quality and more supportive printing materials from consumers, so the CR-5 Pro is here to meet the challenge of making professional-quality 3D printing more accessible. Users will get exact end-use parts from CR-5 Pro, without sacrificing affordability,”  said Engineer of Creality R&D Andrew.Creality announces the launch of a new FFF desktop 3D printer. CR-5 Pro. It is designed to be...

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Creality LCD 3D printer, LCD 3D printer, LD-002R, LD-002R 3D printer, Resin 3D printer -

LD-002R adopts the "LCD selective area light transmission principle" molding technology. The LD-002R 3D printer integrates many functional technologies in printing accuracy, printing speed and product functions, and has nine high-end configurations, making the new LD-002R available for more market choices.

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