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Home Collections Official CR-10S: 300*300*400mm/Filament Sensor/Dual Z-axis
CR 10S 3D Printer
CR 10S 3D Printer

Official CR-10S: 300*300*400mm/Filament Sensor/Dual Z-axis



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Official CR-10S: 300*300*400mm/Filament Sensor/Dual Z-axis
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Creality CR-10 vs Creality CR-10S Specs:

Both Printer:

-Open Source: In the spirit of innovation and progress, we have decided to make our firmware and design plans available to all for extensive modding and improvements. We hope to create a large community of users who contribute to the project, ultimately resulting in a better product for all.
- Supports PLA, TPU, Abs Filaments.
- High Precision Prints.
Creality CR Series features a linear bearing system, along with the extruded aluminum struts, the V-Slot" wheels offer excellent dimensional stability even during extended use, works well to provide a smooth and steady motion system that reflects in the high quality of prints.. you can print with this ‘DIY Kit'
- Large build area of 300x300x400mm and features a quality glass print bed coming with well-rounded edges and is a perfect fit for the aluminum plate below. A biggest highlights of CR 10Series is its bigness and price range of $300-$400.
- It comes with a separated LCD control box, SD Card support for offline printing as well as a USB adapter cable for linking it to computers. They are easy, quick and convenient to assemble right out of the box.
- Thermal Runaway Protection Function Added

CR-10S Added on:

1. Filament-out detection. As a large 3D printer as this with long-running print jobs is likely to run out of filament more often than not. it sends out alerts and brings the printing to a halt if the filament runs out.
2. Printing Resume. It allows the printer to resume printing right from where it stopped, in case of power outages.

3. Dual Z-axis and Dual Motor. Dual Lead Screw Z-axis design, give much stablitity and accuracy than signle lead screw models.
4. Main Board Version: Creality V2.2 Mainboard For CR-10S, the firmware could be modified with USB Cable.

CR 10S parameter

Machine color Orange、 blue、 black(optional)
Forming technology FDM
Print size 300×300×400mm
Machine net weight 9kg
Packing weight 13.8Kg
Nozzle Diameter Standard 0.4mm
Control system Win、 xp、 mac、 vista、 Linux
Software Cura、 Simplify3D、 Repetier-host
File format STL、 OBJ、G-Code
Print speed Normal 60mm/s. Max 100mm/s
Filament diameter 1.75mm
Support filament PL/ABS/TPU/wood/carbon fiber/Copper
Power requirement Input:110V-220V, Output 12V, Power 270W
Creality CR-10S 3D PrinterCreality CR-10S 3D PrinterCreality CR-10S 3D PrinterCreality CR-10S 3D PrinterCreality CR-10S 3D PrinterCreality CR-10S 3D PrinterCreality CR-10S 3D PrinterCreality CR-10S 3D PrinterCreality CR-10S 3D PrinterCreality CR-10S 3D Printer
BL Touch For CR 10S(8 Bit)
Mainboard Firmware, Bl touch, Open Source/SD Card Files Download
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Rick Tremmel
This is an upgraded version of the very popular CR-10 printer from the official Creality store. I bought this item on Amazon because I knew it would be delivered quickly (2 days!), it would be delivered in good shape (perfect!), and if I had any problems I could call Amazon (I did not have any problems). It arrived well packaged in black foam. It is mostly ore-assembled. It only took 30 minutes to assemble the 3 main parts (I took my time). I was printing in no time!

Melquizedeque Nunes
Equipamento muito estável e sua estrutura mantém a impressora sem perder o alinhamento da mesa inicial que por sinal é bem simples de ser feito. Comprei a impressora para trabalhar com peças técnicas e acreditava que o ABS seria a melhor solução, porém, encontrei no PETg uma resistência mecânica equivalente bem como com PETg é tão fácil de trabalhar quanto o PLA. Caso necessite fazer uma campânula para manter sua impressora trabalhar com o ABS sugiro fazê-la em Policarbonato. Talvez a única e mínima observação na máquina é sua mesa aquecida que para chegar à temperatura de 95 a 100°C pode levar entre 10 a 15 minutos.
Jeffrey Ortiz
I love you the printer simply amazing
Matthew Boedeker
So easy my son and I set up and started our first print within 30 minutes. Bed leveling was easy and quality of printer exceeded my expectations.
Karan Verma
It was the first time I was buying the printer through the website. I must say it was great buying experience where the support team constantly remained in touch till the product was delivered to me. Perfect packaging, speedy delivery and a great printer. Highly recommend it.
Francisco Oliveros
The Creality3d CR-10S is my first 3D printer, I was very surprise how easy and fast is to assemble and have it working. Every part and every tool needed is included in the package. The printing process is also quite easy. I printed some 3d models I made in FreeCAD and I was very surprise with the result. So far so good.
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