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Home Collections Creality Sonic Pad, Klipper System 2-5X Print Speed
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buy sonic pad get free nozzle on creality online store

Creality Sonic Pad, Klipper System 2-5X Print Speed



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Sonic Pad

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Creality Sonic Pad, Klipper System 2-5X Print Speed
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Creality Sonic Pad, Open-Source 3D Printing Pad Based on Klipper. Compatible with most FDM printers in the market (Ender-3 V2Ender-3 S1, Ender-3 S1 Pro, Ender-5 Series, CR-6 Series, and CR-10 Series have been pre-configured).

Features 1: 
Highly Integrated Klipper features
- Printing Speed Up!
- Connectivity Easily / Upgraded Easier
- Easy to run out of the Klipper firmware in Sonic Pad, Support personalized requirements. 

The Creality Sonic Pad provides users with a full suite of Klipper’s unique features, including high print quality and speed, resonance compensation (input shaping), pressure/linear advance, and flexible macros.  
Klipper’s complex installation process has been a pain point that hinders many 3D printing beginners from trying this powerful firmware. The Creality Sonic Pad can connect to almost any FDM 3D printer available on the market via a USB cable. Besides. Sonic Pad supports user-defined programmable macros for a personalized function. 

Feature 2: Intuitive UI & Real-Time Preview
- The Sonic Pad supports sliced model preview using Reality Print, Ultimaker Cura, Prusa Slicer, and Super Slicer. 
[Presently, Real-time preview is available for models sliced with Creality Print]
- 7-inch color touch screen that unlocks strong computing capability.  

The printing process will be rendered with a visual resembling a water-filling effect and can be updated in real-time to Creality Print.
It can be operated either by the built-in touch screen, remotely on the phone, or a PC from the web UI when connected to a LAN.  Control Access from Multiple Platforms. 

Feature 3:  Plug and Play
- Supports/Compatible with FDM printer, which has a USB interface. With the included configuration manual, it is easy to set things up.
-Pre-configured for Ender-3 V2, Ender-3 S1, Ender-3 S1 Pro, Ender-5 Series, CR-6 Series, and CR-10 Series, so you can get it going in seconds.

Sonic Pad Specs: 
- Powered by a 64-bit CPU and mainboard
- 4 USB ports, carrying 2Gb RAM and 8Gb ROM - OTA/USB Upgraded
- Equipped with RJ45 Ethernet port and one WiFi module, enabling remote control of printers. 
Users can buy a camera module separately from the tablet for real-time monitoring and time-lapse photography, unleashing more creativity.

Upgrades & Purchase Note

The New Pre-Configured Printer of Sonic Pad is as follows:
Ender-3 Pro, Ender-5Plus, Ender-3Max, Ender-3S1 Plus, CR-10Smart, CR-10S ProV2, CR-10V3, Ender-5 S1, Ender-5 Pro , Ender-6, Ender-7, Ender-3 Max Neo,  CR-10, CR-10 S4, CR-10 S5, CR -10 Smart Pro, CR-6 MAX, and CR-6 SE.
Added the function of controlling multiple 3D printers, supporting four printers simultaneously. (NOTE: After the upgrade is complete, the printer needs to be added again, the previous config file will back up with the name of Printer_bak_single.cfg)
The rest of Creality FDM printers will catch up soon...

Purchase Note:
1) (Please confirm your mainboard Version and Chip model before configuring.)

sonic pad upgrades 
2) Presently, the Sonic Pad COULD NOT WORK WITHLaser Engraver(Kit) and WIFIBOX, etc. Product. Sonic Pad does not support Laser engraving.

*Update: Creality Sonic Pad User-Defined Printer Tutorial

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Creality Sonic Pad Firmware
Creality Sonic Pad User Manual V2.0
User-defined Printer Tutorial
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Marc St-Pierre
I receive the sonic pad, the screen on my ender 5 plus was dead so i install the sonic pad to replace it and upgrade the printer with a great interface. The installation was very easy, in fact after choosing the printer, it does it all by itself and after just go to the usual leveling procedure. What a difference with the new interface, now i have tons of possibility with this easy clipper.
Roger Araiza
Sonic pad works good, but Creality needs to redesign a universal fan manifold which is able to cool prints from both sides of the hot end in order for you to get your moneys worth. Kipper works great with it and the printers respond well, but without proper print cooling, only the side printed next to the fan prints correctly, the opposite side prints deformed and speeds greater than 100ms/s due to no cooling.
Superb piece of kit. Works flawlessly ever since its release. All updates have been faultless and gone smoothly and has only improved the sonic pad further each time. Print quality is awesome and has cut my print times down more than half. I’m using the pad on my modified Ender 3v2 with SKR Mini E3v3 mainboard. Setting up the pad for this combo was straightforward and went without a hitch. So if you’re looking to improve your prints and cut down your print times considerably then I’d recommend this sonic pad without hesitation. Don’t hang around buy one today.
This thing won't connect after doing a test print have to factory reset to get it to connect again then it will only do one print before it won't connect again creality support was of no help huge waste of money and horrible customer support
I was excited to get the Sonic Pad for my Ender 5 Plus to have better management of the printer, but the Sonic Pad is at best, unreliable and glitchy. Only one of the USB ports works to communicate with the printer, the one on the back does nothing and I haven't tried the camera port but it doesn't work for communicating with the printer. The other USB port on the left side only works occasionally with a USB memory stick, but not at all to connect to the printer. Glitchy and finicky is the best description I can give the Sonic Pad. When it works, I don't see any speed increase at all. In fact, the estimated time runs out while the printer is still printing so the accuracy is questionable at best. When I initially connected it using the rear USB port, it failed to configure the firmware for the Ender 5 Plus on multiple attempts and basically bricked the printer. Power cycling and rebooting multiple times, it eventually worked and I was able to finish setup after a few days of down time. I received a message to update the Sonic Pad firmware and now the rear USB port no longer communicates with the printer at all, and I'm being forced to update the printer firmware again before I can use the Sonic Pad. I moved the USB cable to the left middle USB port and after multiple failed attempts, I was finally able to get the unit to update the printer firmware and complete the setup all over again. I've now lost all of my printer settings and have to start all over again adjusting the printer firmware and recalibrate the entire machine, again. Keep in mind, because the Ender 5 Plus has no bootloader on the Atmos mainboard, once it has been flashed with Klipper, there is NO going back to the original Marlin based firmware. In all honesty, the Sonic Pad has been the most frustrating piece of 3d printing equipment I have ever used, but the screen is really pretty.
Excellent product! I got two of these Sonic Pads for my Ender S1 Pros and they are worth every penny - printing at 175% flawlessly and full remote access! Highly recommended.
Q Will it support using it on multiple printers at the same time?
A It supports to connect with the multiple printers, but you only could use it in one printer at a time
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