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Nouvelle mise à niveau officielle de la carte mère silencieuse V4.2.7 de Creality

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Product Description
Ender-3/Ender-3PRO/Ender-5 v1.1.8 Télécharger


Creality avantages de Mainboard Silencieux

Fonction silencieuse (Appariement personnalisé et Non standard) !

  • Le conducteur TMC est formidable tranquille !
  • Bootloader a installé (ISP/USB Arduino)
  • Convenable pour Ender-3/Ender-3 avantageux /Ender-5
  • Le microprogramme 1.1.8 vient pré-installé à cette planche

Cette nouvelle carte mère silencieuse modernisée n'est pas actuellement pré-installée sur notre Ender 3, Ender 3 avantageux et Ender 5 imprimantes.
À ce point, la carte mère silencieuse est une mise à niveau séparée pour tout Ender.
Le microprogramme pour Ender 3/Ender 3 Avantageux / Ender 5 vient pré-installé MAINTENANT
Vous les branchez juste et commencez à imprimer !
Installation lien d'Youtube : MAINTENANT

Photos de Mainboard V1.1.5 HD silencieuses


Creality3D Mainboard V1.1.5 HD Photos02 Silencieux
Creality3D Mainboard V1.1.5 HD Photos03 Silencieux
Creality3D Mainboard V1.1.5 HD Photos04 Silencieux
Creality3D Mainboard V1.1.5 HD Photos05 Silencieux
Creality3D Mainboard V1.1.5 HD Photos06 Silencieux
Creality3D Mainboard V1.1.5 HD Photos07 Silencieux
Creality3D Mainboard V1.1.5 HD Photos08 Silencieux

 Vidéo d'installation de Mainboard V1.1.5 silencieuse

Vidéo d'installation pour Ender 3/Ender 3 avantageux

Vidéo d'installation pour Ender 5


Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Great Upgrade

This is the best upgrade I have done to my Ender 3 Pro

Really silent and my prints are better quality as well.

The disconnection / reconnection from the original board to the new board is a little fiddly, but working on one connection at a time worked very well and all worked first time.

Recommended upgrade to the Ender 3 Pro

Quiet Sleep

This thingy is nuts!
Just installed it on my Ender 5. The installment was quick and easy.
There was a fault after installing it tho. The extruder was running inverted, which I just fixed by switching the stepper cables
on the Motor from ABCD to DCBA because switching the socket doesnt work (its not bidirectional).

Best Upgrade

This is the best upgrade I have performed for my Ender 3 Pro.

Really silent and prints are much better quality than with my original board

Bit fiddly disconnecting from the old board and connecting to the new board, but all worked first time.

The only downside is residents of UK may have difficulty getting this from the official Creality store as UK residents can only chose ship from UK and this board is not available for shipping from UK, luckily I got mine before this new regulation came into force.

Having said that, the official board version 4.2.7 may be available rom other sources other than the Creality store

Excellent and relatively easy upgrade

Excellent and relatively easy upgrade. My Ender 3 Pro came with the 8-bit V1.1.5 board and sounded like R2D2 when it printed. The 32-bit v4.2.7 just whispers. The greatest installation swap difficulty was removing the glue from the existing connectors and figuring out which of the 2 fan sockets to use (inner is extruder -blue/yellow – and outer is case fan – red/black).

It was plug-and-play, and I could print immediately. My only disappointment was that I couldn’t upgrade to the latest factory firmware “Ender-3 Pro- 4.2.7-
Marlin2.0.1 – V1.0.1 – TMC2225” (no BLTouch - published 29 August 2020). Simply copying the downloaded .bin file to a SD card and booting from it did not load new firmware.

Really Let down

It is Now 2 am here in Pa . I began installing this board at 11.30 PM. I am disabled,my hands don't work to well takes me longer to do things. Anyway got the new V4 board installed got the printer all buttoned up. Tried a test Print. Printer homed okay heated up okay, started the print. I notice the purge line was not there, thought i did not push filament in far enough. No biggy. Printer been off for about a month, so i tried the Auto Level. No where to be found on the Menu!!! Damn! did it on the fly then i realized the extruder running in Reverse. Opened printer back up. Wiring correct.. Buttoned back up . No difference. Really Disappointed. This is my 3rd MB installtion. My other printes also have upgraded MB but not from Creality! So I do know what I am doing. I will spend thwe extra Money for a better board from TH3D! At least I know they have been tested before they are shipped!