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By: Songyin Zheng

Crealtiy Ender 6 Corexy 3D printer? Ender-5 vs Ender 5 plus vs Ender-6 Differences?



Is there anything special about Ender 6?
Is it an upgrade of Ender 5, Ender 5 plus?
Which Printer is right for me?
What's the difference between Ender 6 and cr-5 pro?
When will this be available and what is the expected cost??


With the release of the Ender-6, We have got the support and also, the attention of many creality users and 3d printing enthusiasts. In this article, we compare the Ender 5, ender 5 plus, and Ender 6. they all have very similar features; however, there are still some aspects that difference, perhaps making you choose one over the other.

What is the special of the Ender-6?

Ender-6 is a Core-XY frame 3D Printer. The printing base on the CoreXY motion System.

What is the Corexy motion System?

The coreXY device is having a bottom-to-top moveable print bed, as well as using 2 stepper electric motors to drive the movement of the X-axis and also Y-axis. When the left and right motors are in the same direction, they move to the X-axis, and when the two motors are reversed, they move to the Y-axis. the power will be more stable than a single motor to control one axis, and it can reduce the weight of one motor on the XY platform.

ender-6 corexy 3d printer, creality ender series

It means the CoreXY structure can increase the print speed to a greater extent, and also ensure stability.

Based upon numerous examinations, The Ender 6 print speed can reach up to 150mm/s, which is 2-3 times faster than other Ender series members as well as its rivals.

Ender 6 - Is the upgrade of the Ender-5, Ender 5 plus?

Ender-6: US $549

- Printing Size: 250*250*400mm
- Printing speed: up to 150mm/s
- Printing Precision: ±0.1mm
- Silent operation: Yes, TMC2208
- ABL Function: N/A
- More options: Semi-enclosed with acrylic sheets (Optional)

In appearance, Ender 6 succeeds the popular Ender 5 enclosed frame,but it offers the optional semi-enclosed with acrylic sheets. You could keep the printer clean and reduce the machine noise. , And it uses the 4.3″ touch screen instead of the blue display panel in the controlled display

Ender6 offers most of the modern features like print resume after a power outage and filament runout sensor and is equipped with quality components like Meanwell PSU etc. To provide a better out-of-the-box experience.

Ender-5: US $290

- Printing Size: 220*220*300mm
- Printing speed: 40-80 mm/s Recommended
- Printing Precision: ±0.1mm
- Silent operation: N/A
- ABL Function: N/A

- More options: Upgraded Silent Version - Ender 5 PRO 3D Printer($382, Get Extra $15 Off For Ender 5 PRO with 2KG Pla bundles purchase)

Creality Ender 5 series offer a similar print volume to the Ender 3 series but use an enclosed frame design for added stability.

Print quality-wise, the Ender 5 was convincing. During our review, the Ender 5 scored 23.5 out of 30 points in the Autodesk Kickstarter Test, putting it even above the Prusa i3 Mk3. Even with printing speeds up to 80mm/s, there was no noticeable print quality loss. On top, the Ender 5 handled a variety of filaments surprisingly well, only struggling – as typical for Bowden Drive 3D printers – with TPU. ”

While the Ender 5 misses some convenient features such as automatic bed-leveling, a filament runout sensor, or a durable print bed (we found the stock one to be rather flimsy and in need of constant releveling); it’s also where one of the printers strength lies: The hackability. There are several ways to upgrade the printer, from a BLTouch sensor for automatic bed-leveling, firmware updates, to various 3D printed add-ons.” - ALL3DP.COM

Ender 5 PLUS: US$585

- Printing Size: 35*350*400mm
- Printing speed: 40-80 mm/s Recommended
- Printing Precision: ±0.1mm
- Silent operation: N/A
- ABL Function: YES.

Just like the Ender5, Ender 5 plus use the cube frame. Compare to Ender 5. it comes with a large format. Ender 5 plus upgrade with the Dual Z-axis, 42-48 Y-axis motor. It is also equipped with the print function, also features a filament runout sensor. And the power supply is updating now.

Which Printer is right for me?

Ender 5 series features more stable and higher printing precision.
From the size/function configuration/price, you can make a choice judgment intuitively.

And, Ender 6 has the functional structure of the printing operation - core-XY motion system way to distinguish from the ender 5 series.

It delivers quality prints at speeds up to 150 mm/s, out of the box, and you can upgrade it with more.

As for Ender 6. When will this be available? BUY NOW

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