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Home Collections Ender Series 10KG PLA paquetes de filamentos negro/blanco/gris
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Ender Series 10KG PLA paquetes de filamentos negro/blanco/gris

Filamento PLA serie Ender. Stock de color blanco / negro; Filamento PLA de 1,75 mm para la mayoría de las impresoras 3D FDM.



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Ender Series 10KG PLA paquetes de filamentos negro/blanco/gris
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Filamento de impresora 3D de color blanco/negro 1,75 mm PLA

Descripciones: (1) Alta resistencia, buena tenacidad; (2) La densidad es pequeña, cuando se imprime un modelo de mayor volumen más ligero, ahorra dinero; (3) Rentable se puede procesar en un amplio rango de temperaturas; (4) Diámetro de 1,75 mm, variaciones +/- 0,02 mm, redondez +/- 0,05 mm; (5) (6) Para ser aplicado a una variedad de impresoras 3D, Makerbot, UP plus, Mendel, Prusa, series, etc. (7) Sin burbujas (8) Colores: Blanco+Negro Paquete: Blanco y Negro(Paquete de 5)/Blanco*10/ Negro* 10. (Opción)

10KG Ender PLA Filament, wholesale pla filament

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My go-to for bulk printing. My biggest problem with Creality's PLA is that sometimes the filament does not detach at the end of the spool, causing the extruder to skip and the end of the filament won't trigger the filament sensor. This has caused massive fails costing lots of money. I have emailed creality regarding this issue with their spools not disconnecting from the spool at the end. Their response was that this is "by design". Then what's the point of the creality filament sensor?
jhon smith
i like
A. Smith
No issues with this PLA, prints are absolutely fine First a bit of a qualifier - I've not been printing anything complex with these, it's been used to make face mask holding comfort strips, so the prints are basic and not very high at all. However with that in mind I can say that it's been perfect, no issues with this PLA at all. It's a bog standard black as you'd expect so I can't really say much more than that - no issues with adhesion to the base plate, it's all been feeding through with no issues etc.

Excellent PLA, there's a lot of places who put out utter garbage for almost twice the price and others that want almost 3 times as much for the same quality, and nobody I know of allows you to buy in bulk like this
Very Good Prints on a CR-30 Nozzle Temp 220 Bed Temp 80 Degress
Had a lot of great prints with this PLA on my stock Ender 3 bed, but after upgrading to a glass bed I couldn't get any print to stick what so ever. After hours of troubleshooting and trying everything I switched to another filament and it works fine. Seems this PLA doesn't like glass.
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