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Ender-3 S1: Direct Drive | CR Touch Auto Bed Leveling

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  • Ender-3(S1)
  • Ender-3 S1+PEI Plate+Nozzles
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Ender 3 mejorado de Creality: Ender-3 S1 Direct Drive|Impresora 3D de nivelación automática

El «Sprite» es más ligero y presenta menos inercia y un posicionamiento más preciso, admite filamentos de impresión PLA/TPU/PETG/ABS.

Nivelación automática con Creality CR Touch

Combínelo con la ventaja de PC Spring Steel y Magnetic Sticker para una mejor adhesión a la cama y una buena experiencia para el modelo lanzado.

En comparación con Ender-3, Ender-3V2, Ender-3Max, Ender 3S1 se ha actualizado al diseño de doble eje Z, agrega estabilidad al pórtico del eje X para mejorar la calidad de impresión y reducir el desgaste de los componentes mecánicos



- Extrusora Ender-3 S1 «Sprite» Trabajo e impresión;

-Ender-3S1 Unbox Reseñas de 3D Printing Nerd

- Cómo actualizar Creality Ender 3 S1 a un Hot End de alta temperatura


- Ender 3 S1 vs Ender-3 V2 en comparación -

Ender-3S1 es la de la serie Ender. Soporta materiales más suaves. Esa es la mayor diferencia entre Ender-3S1 y Ender-3V2. Además, viene preinstalado con CR Touching Auto Leveling Kit, y la altura de impresión será mayor. En detalle, la mayoría de las funciones continuaron y se actualizaron en Ender-3V2.

Ender 3 S1 Ender 3 V2
Tamaño de máquina 487 x 453 x 622 mm 475 x 470 x 620 mm
Volumen de impresión: 220 x 220 x 270 mm 220 x 220 x 250 mm
Pantalla: pantalla LCD a color de 4,3 pulgadas con botón giratorio pantalla LCD a color de 4,3 pulgadas con botón giratorio
Estructura: en su mayoría premontados (~ 15 min.) Premontado parcialmente (> 45 min.)
Extrusora: Accionamiento directo Bowden
Nivelación de cama de impresión: Automático Manual
Precisión: 0,1 mm 0,1 mm
Grosor mínimo de capa: 0,05 mm 0,1 mm
Boquilla: 1 x 0.4 mm 1 x 0.4 mm
Filamento: 1,75 mm (PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU) 1,75 mm (PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU)
Temperatura máx. de la boquilla: 260° C 255 °C
Temperatura máx. de la cama de impresión: 100° C 100° C
Velocidad de impresión: 30-60 mm/s (máx. 150 mm/s) 30-60 mm/s (máx. 180 mm/s)
Imprimir currículum:
Sensor de filamento: No
Cama de presión: PC sobre muelle de acero, flexible, magnético Cama de vidrio con textura


-Ender-3 S1: Preguntas frecuentes y solución de problemas-

1. ¿Qué tamaño de filamento contiene la impresora?

El paquete contiene una bobina de filamento con un diámetro de 1,75 mm, un filamento de prueba (200 g) y no en una bobina. Le recomendamos que compre varios filamentos juntos al comprar la impresora, lo cual es conveniente para operaciones futuras.

2. ¿Cuánto tamaño debe reservarse el escritorio?

Hola, el tamaño de la máquina 487 x 453 x 622 mm. Necesitas al menos 50 cm (19,68 pulgadas) x 50 cm (19,68 pulgadas) de espacio libre en el escritorio.

Si se agrega un gabinete, el espacio del escritorio requiere 70* 75 mm (27,55* 29,53 pulgadas).

3. ¿Por qué el filamento no se pega a la cama caliente?

Si no, quédate en la cama. Compruebe la nivelación de la cama.

El Ender 3 S1 adopta el sistema de nivelación automática CR-touch. Al imprimir, observe la distancia entre la boquilla y la placa de construcción. Según múltiples impresiones, el valor de compensación del eje Z entre -2.0 y -4.0 es excelente. Ajustar el punto de compensación del eje Z puede imprimir mejores resultados. Guía de vídeo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-uUvu1Ruj0

4. ¿Cuál es la pieza de repuesto correcta para la superficie de impresión de la cama de acero de resorte extraíble?


creality original part for ender-3s1, upgraded part for ender-3s1

<img="" src="https://www.creality3dofficial.com/files/html/20211206/Ender-3-S1_07.jpg" style="max-width:100%;" contenteditable="false" width="100%"/> </img="">

Ender-3 S1 Frimware
25 Mar. 2022. Ender-3s1-hw24s1_301-sw-V1.0.5_C-CRTouch.zip
Ender-3 S1 Manual
You could download or preview online
Z-axis limit firmware.zip
16 Dec, 2021 Z-axis Limit Firmware
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David Borgman
My 1st 3d printer. Received it, had it up and running within 20 minutes with minimal knowledge of 3d printing. If you are looking for a plug and play type of printer, this is the one for you!!!
Amazon buyer
Printer works as expected, first print was a success. Easy to install and the Ender 3 s1 combines all the upgrades available for Ender 3 and Ender 3 v2. Maybe still a bit expensive, but it was released in December 2021. Cons: the extruder head had a bent connector (see picture) who interfered with the installation and the fitment of the head to the metal support on the x axis. I had to bent it back carefully by myself, with the risk to crack the two small connectors. I think this is the most important and expensive part and this should not happen especially when you pay almost 600 dollars. For the rest i would strongly suggest this printer.
Jeff U.
Great Product out of the box, with minimal set-up My first foray into 3D printing and I am totally taken with this product. I came in knowing nothing beyond some basics from youtube videos, and this went together quickly and I have been printing continuously since I got it. Prints are perfect, bed adhesion is excellent and so far (PLA only) absolutely zero problems.
Funktioniert super . Habe nichts dran geändert außer der Druckplatte mir eine mit Pei Beschichtung zu kaufen. Die Standard ist sehr schnell fertig. Ist wohl aber Standard bei Creality. Kauf ihn, du wirst nicht enttäuscht sein. Sehr gute out of the box experience. 10Minuten Aufbau, Einmal gelevelt. Versatz per Hand etwas justiert über die Software, sehr gute Ergebnisse bereits beim test druck. So solls sein.
I have been very happy with the S1. The assembly was easy (the instructions are very small, look at the SD card everything is on that). Get the bed leveled and get the right Z-Axis height and it just works! The Z-Axis critical for your success I have used PLA and TPU so far and had great luck. I just received the S1 Pro's all metal hot end to try my hand at nylon, carbon fiber, etc
Jim Desposito
Amazing printer! I did tons of research to determine which, of all the great printers available, would my first. I had some experience using an Ultimaker 3 and was ready to spend up to $500 for my own printer. I was actually hoping Prusa would drop the long awaited i3 MK4 but who knows when that will happen and even so, I had a hard time justifying spending $750. So, I compared 15 printers across 12 different parameters and was leaning towards the new AnyCubic Kobra but hesitated due to its lack of a dual Z axis. Then I found out about the S1 and, quite honestly, it checked all my key 'gotta have' boxes. My experience with this printer after printing non-stop :) for a week is that it is an amazing printer overall, and especially for the price. I got the bundle that included a free PEI print bed and it works great. You can see below the terrific result I got printing @agepbiz's Surprise Egg #7 (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3223118), using 0.1 mm layer height. I highly recommend this printer for anyone looking for a great direct drive, dual Z-axis, good size print bed and easy build from just a few parts that costs under $500.
fanplant fanplant2021-12-25 02:31:24 VERIFIED
Question: What filaments does Ender 3 S1 support? Can print the High-temperature filament like nylon /PC?

Answer: The Ender-3 S1 Support the Filament PLA, TPU, PETG, ASA, SILK etc. The nylon material requires extra care to print; it needs to be extruded at high temperatures(260-300),keep the filament dry and print it in high ambient temperature. it is not supported now

Nick ward2022-07-28 08:41:10 VERIFIED
Question: Hi there I got a ender 3 S1 last week from Amazon now I got a new PEI plate for it now it says the size is 220+ 220+ 270. Can I tell you something it’s not that size it’s a standard size 235+ 235 because my ender 3 v1 glass plate fits it spot on now I think creality needs to go back to sort the mastics out?. I did work it out so if you can contact me and I can give you some more information about it and I can send you video how a worked it out. Thank you. Nick ward

Answer: The whole bed size(clear space) is 235*235mm, and the allowing printing space is 220*220 and the max height is 270mm

Ender-3 S1: Direct Drive | CR Touch Auto Bed Leveling
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