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Home Blog Have you upgraded your Ender 3 V2?
Have you upgraded your Ender 3 V2?
Phillip - Sun Apr 03 15:44:20 UTC 2022
Im trying to figure out why my printer has stopped working? On the home screen I can go through the page but cant do anything other than that. I cant go into the Print screen, Prepare screen, etc.. It wont do anything. Has anyone had this problem before? I dont know if its the pad or a firmware update.
Guy - Tue Mar 15 20:30:11 UTC 2022
@kevin yallop The printer isn't garbage, the motherboard has nothing to do with keeping level, and quite frankly you don't seem to understand the general maintenance of a 3D printer. Leveling the bed should be done regularly. Heat expands materials. If you're going through heating and cooling cycles of any material, can you really expect it to stay the same exact shape and position at every turn of the temperature? No; the answer is quite simply and very obviously no. Don't complain about the printer being junk, when in reality your attitude toward regular maintenance is Junk
Aaron - Mon Oct 25 16:09:00 UTC 2021
If the links are broken, remove the "/collections/accessories" part and hit enter
Kevin Yallop - Fri Oct 22 21:54:40 UTC 2021
I think this printer is junk. Mine constantly goes out of level even though I upgraded the springs. I dont know if its the mother board that has a problem but its extremely annoying. I am tired of leveling the bed and dont recommend this machine to anyone.
Scott - Sun Oct 17 02:40:13 UTC 2021
I couldn't find a good link
Steve - Mon Sep 20 05:26:40 UTC 2021
most of the embedded links are broken
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  • Simplified Klipper operation 
  • Easy Connect to Ender-3 Series
  • real-time monitoring and time-lapse shooting
  • 10%~30% printing speed up
  • Input Shaping (Resonance compensation Features)
  • PID Tuning (calibrate hotbed temperature)
Ender 5 Plus Silent Board: How to Install It

The silent board is a great upgrade for the Ender 5 Plus.  The new mainboard is basically the same as the original Ender 5 Plus board  TMC2208 Driver.  Take the time to read this article before you need to install your new motherboard

Creality K1: Breaking through the boundaries and embarking on a journey of creating infinite possibilities

"Creality K1: Unlocking the Infinite Possibilities of 3D Printing
The Creality K1 is a cutting-edge printer leading innovation and redefining the field of additive manufacturing. It will take you on a groundbreaking 3D printing journey that pushes the boundaries of innovation and redefines what is possible in additive manufacturing.

The core strength of the K1 lies in its exceptional speed, which revolutionizes the printing experience. With an astonishing default speed of 600 mm/s, this powerful machine breaks traditional time limits. In just 13 minutes, the K1 easily prints detailed Benchy models, setting a new industry standard for rapid prototyping and production.

But the K1 is not just about speed, it is also a real revolution in terms of functionality and versatility. Its spacious build space of 220x220x250 gives you plenty of room to create, allowing you to bring your boldest ideas to life. Whether it's a sophisticated architectural model or a functional prototype, the K1 handles complexity with ease and delivers exceptional precision with every print.

In pursuit of excellence, Creality has equipped the K1 with a host of smart features. Creality OS is an advanced operating system that integrates seamlessly with your workflow for a smooth and intuitive user experience. From your PC, smartphone or even the cloud, you can easily control printing, sync data and execute commands. K1 adapts according to your needs, easily building a bridge between your imagination and realization.

In order to meet different needs, Creality provides optional enhanced functions for K1. While Lidar and AI assistance aren't included by default, you can purchase them separately and add them to the K1, unleashing a new level of precision and automation. Seamlessly integrate the scanning capabilities of lidar to capture fine details, or harness the power of artificial intelligence for intelligent print analysis and optimization. The K1's modular design enables you to customize and upgrade printing capabilities, ensuring you are always on the cutting edge.

Along with great features, the K1 represents Creality's relentless commitment to creators, constantly pushing the boundaries. It embodies a relentless pursuit of excellence, providing more than just a printer, but the key to innovation and limitless creativity.

Experience the future of 3D printing with Creality K1 and open up a world of infinite possibilities. Redefine what's possible and embrace a new era of additive manufacturing excellence. K1 will turn your imagination into tangible reality for you, and push you into a future with unlimited imagination. "