BL Touch Auto Bed Leveling Sensor For CR/Ender Series

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Product Description
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CR Series: CR-10
Ender Series:  Ender-3, Ender-3X, Ender-5(Ender-5 Pro), Ender-3 Pro

BLTouch is a type of semiconductor hall sensor and is an electronic component for 3D Printers.

BLTouch is an auto-leveling sensor for 3D Printers that can precisely measure the tilt of the bed surface. It could work with any kinds of bed materials, such as glasses, woods, metals, and so on.


The main functions and controls of BLTouch are the same as the usual auto bed leveling sensor, which consists of RC servo and microswitch. Thus, BLTouch can be applied on almost every board.

BLTouch is fulfilled with simple structure and high precision by using progressively designed solenoid and hall sensors. It aims for user convenience and enjoyable printing by adding many smart functions, such as self-test, alarm, alarm release & Touch Switch mode, Blue LED for servo signal indicating and Z-probe(Zmin) Testing.

Self-test: The push pin operates two times in a test when the power is on.

Alarm: The LED light blinks if a problem was found on a self-test or during operation

Wiring defect indicator: Blue and Red LED for indicating wiring defects. 


Creality BL Touch HD Photos

Creality BL Touch HD Photos03
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Creality BL Touch HD Photos03
Creality BL Touch HD Photos04
Creality BL Touch HD Photos05
Creality BL Touch HD Photos06

Customer Reviews

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BLTouch V3.1 Works great on CR10S with V2 mainboard

Thank goodness for the community! One big issue i had with the BLTouch is the Z-Stop signal wires are reversed. Even some of the online documentation had it incorrect. Plenty of online documentation showing the correct orientation. Once i swapped the signal cables around, the bltouch detected and stopped the extruder from going down further. Everything else was pretty straight forward: Installed firmware using ultimaker cura 4.5 thru the USB Port, setting the Z-offset, adding in some additional code to the GCode when slicing. All in all it was a quick install. If anything, i spent WAY more time just OCD'ing with wire management :)

Works great

Instructions are better looked up online through youtube but it works great once you can get the z-offset situated! i love not having to manually level anymore!

easy to install and setup

I have the Silent mainboard v1.1.5.
After install the hardware, upgrade the Silent mainboard FW directly using Octopi, auto bed level, adjust Z offset, enter initial G code and it is good to go.

Works great!

Easy enough to install. Had some issues flashing firmware because apparently only certain USB ports show up as a COM port and it wouldn't connect my PC to the 3D printer because of it, so that's my bad. Learned that the firmware on the website is out of date so I used TH3D's version which works great. Did a couple test prints and I'm very happy with how well the first layer is laid.

Note: Instructions have some misspellings and the image of progisp shows LowValue and HighValue values swapped vs what they say in text. Go with what the text says to do.

Working Great

Arrived well packaged. Took a little bit to get it hooked up right, but now it is working great. Had to print a modded case top to move the cooling fan so it would close properly, but again not a big problem..Also had to use a different firmware than the one suggested. But overall happy with the purchase. All the issues only let me get to know my printer better.