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[CA Warehouse Clearout]LD-002R LCD Resin 3D Printer

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LD-002R LCD Resin 3D Printer

BUILD AND MOTION: Great emphasis is being placed on the LD-002R’s robust build quality and the components of its motion system, which is underpinned by a ball screw and single linear rail for the Z-axis.

ANTI-ALIASING: MSLA 3D printers use an LCD screen to mask an image of a layer over a UV light source. Comprised of hundreds of thousands of pixels, each a little rectangle itself, this tech leaves a telltale sign of the edges of these pixels on the print surface. Often barely visible, this effect can be lessened through the use of a digital processing called anti-aliasing, which interpolates between these edges, smoothing the effect out.

QUICK LEVELING: Quick leveling in the sense that the machine will lower the print plate to the vat for you, yes the LD-002R is quick leveling. Four hex screws feature on the print plate — loosen them before dropping the plate, and it will align to the level of the screen. Tighten and you’re good to go. Standard MSLA fare.

PERFORATED PRINT PLATE: Something of an oddity on a small desktop MSLA machine, the Creality LD-002R 3d printer has a perforated print plate. Typically seen on larger bottom-up machines where larger prints present additional pull that might dislodge an improperly adhered print, it’s unusual, and perhaps even distracting overkill, to see it on a smaller machine. It’s not a bad thing, but it makes you wonder why they did it.

AIR FILTER: A small box at the rear of the print chamber contains a pouch of activated carbon. This should help to remove part of the stench of exposed resin from the air.

LD-002R LCD Resin 3D printer news

LD-002R LCD Resin 3D Printer high strength interpretation of ultra-high cost-effective configuration

LD-002R adopts the "LCD selective area light transmission principle" molding technology. The LD-002R 3D printer integrates many functional technologies in printing accuracy, printing speed, and product functions, and has nine high-end configurations, making the new LD-002R available for more market choices.

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What are SLA, DLP, and LCD resin 3d printers? What are their molding principles and differences?

Regarding resin 3D printing, most people may only know the molding method of SLA,(Photo-curing: After being irradiated with light, a special photosensitive printing liquid is cured to become a 3D printed object.) And most people will know that the market prices will come from 1,000 to 10,000 US dollars, even more, which is relatively expensive.

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Mainboard and screen firmware/SD Card Files
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David Apps
Great printer. I have been happy with the quality I have been getting and the reliability of the machine. The carbon filter is horrible so I 3d printed a tower to hold activated carbon in instead. There are models on thingiverse for this.
Before I bought this, I have a CR10-v2, but for some reasons I want to try resin printing too. Arrived fast, and I love this little machine. The activated carbon filter fan wont work, but I can solve this problem (the one and only yet). Easy to use, easy to level the print bed, and works like a charm. My statue parts are awesome quality now! I print the bigger parts with the cr10-v2, and the smaller more detalied parts (heads, hands, weapons etc) with this resin printer.
[CA Warehouse Clearout]LD-002R LCD Resin 3D Printer
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