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Heating Block Kit-High Temperature (300℃) | Full Metal

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Heating Block Kit-High Temperature (300℃), Easy upgrade to Pro! 

Titanium Alloy(TC4) Throat Tube, supports the high temperature printing under 300, Titanium alloy material can reduce the heat conduction upward.  Apply to:  Ender-3S1, Sermoon V1, Sermoon V1 Pro

Upgrade Creality Ender 3 S1 to a High Temp Hot End

How to clean the Ender-3 S1 hotend throat?

How to replace the heating block kits?

Ender-3S1 Pro Mainboard Firmware-EN
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will2022-05-12 08:31:16 VERIFIED
Question: can you put this in the ender 3 s1 extruder and will it work the same as the Sprite Extruder Pro

Answer: It is a replaced part for ender-3 s1 pro, and it will be a upgraded for the ender-3 s1, sermoon v1, sermoon v1 pro etc 3d printer.

Toader Vlad-Antoniu2022-06-13 10:11:59 VERIFIED
Question: After you replace the heating block to the 300 C version, how do you modify the standard Ender 3 S1 settings in order to actually have the extruder go up to 300 C instead of 260 C max?

Answer: Hi, please flash the firmware (ender-3s1 pro's firmware) and you could set the a higher temp.

Heating Block Kit-High Temperature (300℃) | Full Metal
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