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creality cr-6 se, auto leveling 3d printer
 CR-6 SE 3D Printer
 CR-6 SE 3D Printer
 CR-6 SE 3D Printer
 CR-6 SE 3D Printer

Creality CR-6 SE Imprimante 3D



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Creality CR-6 SE Imprimante 3D
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Creality CR-6 SE Imprimante 3D

- Assemblage super facile: ne mettez que quelques pièces ensemble et prêt à partir, commencez à imprimer directement HORS DE LA BOÎTE.
- Sans nivellement révolutionnaire : (Mise à niveau automatique de 16 points pour la première fois, pas de panique et de problèmes) idéalement pour tout le monde, même les débutants.
- Une imprimante silencieuse : une carte mère silencieuse 32 bits, une puce de contrôle STM32 et une alimentation MeanWell 24V 350W permettent au CR-6 SE de chauffer rapidement et de réduire le bruit de manière constante.
- Buse modulaire personnalisable: Simplicité dans l’entretien des buses. Vous pouvez le personnaliser. Du bloc chauffant à la pointe de la buse, entre autres pièces, il s’agit d’une imprimante 3D modulaire facile à conserver!
- Extrudeuse fiable: Avec son extrudeuse compacte et fiable, vous savez qu’une extrusion plus lisse et une alimentation en filament plus facile généreront finalement des impressions plus rapides, plus silencieuses et plus lisses.
- Grande expérience utilisateur: écran tactile LCD HD de 4,3 « avec interface utilisateur UX intuitive, capteur de panneau photoélectrique et fonction d’impression De reprise, add-ons plus pratiques: fixateur de foyer flexible, support de filament pliable, couvercle de moteur pas à pas, boîtes à outils ... Tout ce dont vous avez besoin est à portée de main.
-Plus compact: CR-6 SE est conçu avec une base plus large et équipé de deux axes Z assortis à une courroie de distribution réglable qui se traduit par une réduction des mouvements indésirables et des résultats améliorés.
-Imprimante 3D portable: Pesant seulement 9,2 kg et avec des dimensions gérables (442 * 462 * 540mm), l’imprimante 3D Creality CR-6 SE est une imprimante 3D que vous pouvez transporter.

Creality CR-6 SE 3D PrinterCreality CR-6 SE 3D Printer

Mainboard/Screen Firmware, SD Card Files, Video Tutorial
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Glen King
5 star on getting it. 5 Star Packed Very Well. Zero STAR on someone getting back it touch with me. Hopefully Someone will get in touch soon. Bed Will not get hot After 10-12 prints of a Chess set for a grandson. I'm Disable now from EMS and having to find new toys to work with. Just Need Creality to get back in touch me.
I've had this printer for months and have had about 10 times as many failed prints as I've had successful ones. I've adjusted the z axis gantry, adjusted the bed and now I'm going to have to tighten down the rollers for the extruder, because it moves a good .25" when I'm "leveling" the bed. I also have to adjust the z offset every time I try a print. I ordered a new bed and a different roll of filament and will adjust my review if things get better, but for now AVOID this machine if you are new like I am. This is not a beginner-friendly machine and was not a good first experience.
Peter Christ
Perfect device! Runs wonderfully, printouts are damn good without having to calibrate anything. Setup is really easy, done super quickly. The stock firmware is unfortunately very trimmed, but very good for beginners. Everyone else is flashing anyway. I can only recommend the device, there are many things to do for hobbyists, beginners get a well-equipped device!
This printer is my 5th printer so far (as I've gone a bit overboard with this hobby). My previous printers range from "child's" printer, to an enclosed, expensive IDEX printer. One of my printers though was an open source "triple-extruding" little diddy that I could just not get to work correctly for the life of me. As I have 3 children under 6, I just did not have time to spend troubleshooting and fixing the issue, so I put that printer aside for a rainy day, found a great deal on a CR6 (so good, in fact, I thought it would be a hocked refurb or broken one), and ordered it. I received my CR6 SE 3 days later (only because I ordered on a Saturday, otherwise it would have been 2 days). My oldest watched me set it up, and with mild distractions it took about 25 minutes from unboxing to staring at Cura, I mean Creality Slicer, tweaking the settings on my first print. Besides me causing issues to my first print from worrying the settings weren't right, this thing has spent the first 24 hours of print time printing flawless prints with no stringing or issues of any kind. Not to mention, out of all my printers, I cannot hear this thing at all. Besides the power supply this thing is dead silent. My $1000 printer can be heard throughout the house, thus me being scolded every morning after running it all night. My wife loves this printer as she can't even tell it's running half the time. Long story short, this printer is phenomenal and can be found at around the same price as an Ender V2 despite its apparent upgrades. If you are on the fence like I was this time around, I beg you to highly consider this printer as I love it!

Grampa Caligula
I bought this printer to replace my first, an MP Delta Mini. I intended to replace with another delta, but this one had the minimum requirement I needed (auto bed levelling). Once you have it, it's a but like a power windows in a car - you'll always wonder how anyone copes without it. It also isn't 5ft tall, making it easier to find a place for it in my home office. The CR-6 SE is very quiet (especially when compared to the MP Delta Mini), heats up fast and is easy to get prints started. Tolerances are very good - the image of the robot puppet was a single print. It was my third actual print on the machine and it performed flawlessly. The baby doll was multiple parts on a single print, and performed well. The skull and the 'Rat's Nest' were both large, 3-5 day prints that performed well with no issues. While it's nowhere near as fast as my old delta, the print quality is a match and the volume is much more usable. The frame is extremely solid and it took about 20 minutes to assemble in real time. I did replace the extruder assembly after my second print - I didn't trust the plastic feel, and it was a bit difficult to load. I'm not ready to trust the run-out sensor until I update the firmware. Since it's been working flawlessly out of the box, I've been hesitant to touch things. I've been printing exclusively with PLA+ using Cura 4.9.0, which already had the CR-6 SE profile ready to go. Overall, I'm *very* happy with this printer. I don't have to spend all my time tweaking settings, and I've only had one print fail so far (due to user error.)

Bought this printer few months back. I bought for a project. i have been using 3d printer for few years now. I used this printer for 3-4 times to testprint. it was okay not bad. but i had not used it for month and it's gone complete bonkers. the z-offset is like 20mm above the print bed, wont auto-level, nozzle wont touch printer bed. upgraded the firmware aswell, nothing. I tried to get in touch with the manufacturer, no answer. absolute shite
Dan Prouty
Q Is this a new machine or refurbished machine, and how long to get one from time of order.
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