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Home Collections Offizielles Creality Neues Upgrade Silent Mainboard V4.2.7

Offizielles Creality Neues Upgrade Silent Mainboard V4.2.7

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Offizielles Creality Neues Upgrade Silent Mainboard V4.2.7
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Creality Silent Mainboard Vorteile

Función silenciosa (coincidencia personalizada y no estándar)!

  • ¡El conductor TMC es súper silencioso!
  • Gestor de arranque instalado (ISP/USB Arduino)
  • Adecuado para Ender-3/Ender-3 Pro /Ender-5/Ender 5 ProLa placa base silenciosa de Ender 5 Pro V4.2.2 
  • El firmware 4.2.7 viene preinstalado en esta placa

Esta nueva placa base silenciosa actualizada actualmente no está preinstalada en nuestras impresoras Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro y Ender 5.
En este punto, la placa base silenciosa es una actualización separada para todos los Enders.
El firmware para Ender 3 / Ender 3 Pro / Ender 5 viene preinstalado AHORA

¡Simplemente conéctese y comienza a imprimir!

Nota: Si desea actualizar el firmware más reciente, compruebe con qué placa base está equipada su máquina.

Nota: No aplicable a Ender 3 Max
Si su máquina viene con una placa base de 8 bits, actualice el firmware de la placa base de 8 bits.
Si su máquina viene con una placa base de 32 bits, actualice el firmware de la placa base de 32 bits.

Ender-5 V4.2.7
Ender-5 V4.2.7 Silent Board
Ender-3PRO V4.2.7
Ender-3Pro V4.2.7 Silent Board
Ender-3 V4.2.7
Ender-3 V4.2.7 Silent Board
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The only difficult part of the installation was removing the hotglue from the OEM installation... After installation I could hardly believe how quiet the Ender 3 became. Now the loudest part of the printer is the power supply fan...
I have an Ender 3 printer for about 4 years. I decided to replace the motherboard because of the noisy work. I bought a V427 board in good faith that Creality cares about quality. And here's a disappointment .... Locked EEPROM - it is not possible to change the printer configuration in the basic parameters - Z offset, Z axis screw parameters .... Cannot write anything to eeprom from the printer menu. Mom has her Marlin compilation, you can't upload the firmware either. By what law does creality block such elements, I would not buy if I knew about it. I guess it's good that Americans do not want 5G from them, because if they can do such bad things on the printer board, what would happen gsyby managed the 5g network. Do not buy this CD (maybe the hardware is good, but why should anyone make any claims to software restriction). Regards Upset man !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phillip Chudley
This is the best upgrade I have performed for my Ender 3 Pro. Really silent and prints are much better quality than with my original board Bit fiddly disconnecting from the old board and connecting to the new board, but all worked first time. The only downside is residents of UK may have difficulty getting this from the official Creality store as UK residents can only chose ship from UK and this board is not available for shipping from UK, luckily I got mine before this new regulation came into force. Having said that, the official board version 4.2.7 may be available rom other sources other than the Creality store
This thingy is nuts! Just installed it on my Ender 5. The installment was quick and easy. There was a fault after installing it tho. The extruder was running inverted, which I just fixed by switching the stepper cables on the Motor from ABCD to DCBA because switching the socket doesnt work (its not bidirectional).
Phillip Chudley
This is the best upgrade I have done to my Ender 3 Pro Really silent and my prints are better quality as well. The disconnection / reconnection from the original board to the new board is a little fiddly, but working on one connection at a time worked very well and all worked first time. Recommended upgrade to the Ender 3 Pro
Excellent and relatively easy upgrade. My Ender 3 Pro came with the 8-bit V1.1.5 board and sounded like R2D2 when it printed. The 32-bit v4.2.7 just whispers. The greatest installation swap difficulty was removing the glue from the existing connectors and figuring out which of the 2 fan sockets to use (inner is extruder -blue/yellow – and outer is case fan – red/black). It was plug-and-play, and I could print immediately. My only disappointment was that I couldn’t upgrade to the latest factory firmware “Ender-3 Pro- 4.2.7- Marlin2.0.1 – V1.0.1 – TMC2225” (no BLTouch - published 29 August 2020). Simply copying the downloaded .bin file to a SD card and booting from it did not load new firmware.
Q will this work with the ender 5 plus?
A Hi, silent board for the ender-5 plus, please check this link:
10th anniversary sale
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