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Home Collections Impresora 3D Creality CR-6 MAX
CR-6 MAX  large 3D Printer
CR-6 MAX  large 3D Printer
CR-6 MAX  large 3D Printer

Impresora 3D Creality CR-6 MAX



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Impresora 3D Creality CR-6 MAX
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¿Cómo funciona la nivelación automática CR-6?
Asegúrese de que la cama de impresión y la boquilla deben estar limpias. Luego puede iniciar la nivelación automática a través del menú (Home ->Level -> Auto Leveling). El cabezal de impresión se moverá automáticamente a 16 puntos en la cama de impresión y se nivelará automáticamente. Pulse Nivel en el menú Inicio. En el modo de nivelación, presione Nivelación automática. Ahora todo lo que tiene que hacer es ver el CR-6 simplemente tocar la boquilla de la cama en puntos específicos, no necesita calibrar ningún desplazamiento que no sea la altura Z inicial para obtener el "aplastamiento" correcto en su primer capa.

-#CR6MaxReview Auto Rewind Spool Holder Printed on Cr-6 Max - From Chenrui Lei

-Test Print on CR-6 Max - From Beanie's Hobbies

Creality CR-6 MAX 3D PrinterCreality CR-6 MAX 3D PrinterCreality CR-6 MAX 3D PrinterCreality CR-6 MAX 3D PrinterCreality CR-6 MAX 3D PrinterCreality CR-6 MAX 3D PrinterCreality CR-6 MAX 3D PrinterCreality CR-6 MAX 3D Printer
CR-6 Max
Mainboard/Screen Firmware, Video Tutorial
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Ethan Goebel
This is the best printer I’ve ever owned. The features are similar to a Prusa but with a volume much bigger. I haven’t had any problems with any part of it. I did have some adhesion problems but I flipped the glass over and now it prints everything without a problem. Truly a start and leave it machine.
Nancy Nangeroni
What they don't tell you about the Max is that it's slower than smaller printers.
James Arjuna
I am printing parts using PETG and they come out very nice. Some learning involved but there is plenty of help online. I print parts taking up to 67 hours. Large complex parts and they come out very close and in tolerance to fit other parts which are CNC machined. I could not be happier with this printer. We had one small problem with the "collet clamp" on the hot end, and solved that with the thingverse internal spacer and using a cut piece of Bowden tube. When you get it, go over the instructions for checking the square and the level of the Y axis. It is pretty easy to adjust. I used a ruler and got it within tolerance. The vertical supports came perfectly square. The "new" set up with the filament detection and the new extruder works fine. Just DON'T over tighten the spring, as the pressure is very strong and can smash the filament ( I did that once and jammed the hot end.) If the filament is distorted by smashing it with too much pressure, it will not feed smoothly. Now all adjusted with less pressure it pulls the filament in perfectly and never misses the correct amount needed. I get very few of those "tiny hairs" using PTEG on this machine. 248 deg C hot end and 85 Bed temp. I now have three of these printers.

I have just received cr6 max. I just mounted it, it's really promising, I can't wait to test it. but be careful you must first check because all the screws were unscrewed, the excebtriques completely released (X - Y & Z). I have already ordered several models (Cr-10s / S5 / cr-10s pro / ender 3 / ender 3 pro), I have never had this kind of problem. A beginner will not have the reflex to adjust the eccentrics, no instructions in the assembly manual. Apart from this little problem which is relatively normal because the machine goes around the earth by boat / plane / truck ... The quality of the machine is really good
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