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Home Collections Ender 3(Pro)/3 V2 Kits completos de extrusión directa actualizados con boquillas

Ender 3(Pro)/3 V2 Kits completos de extrusión directa actualizados con boquillas



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Ender 3(Pro)/3 V2 Kits completos de extrusión directa actualizados con boquillas
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Las ventajas de

Los kits completos de extrusión directa son robustos y resistentes al desgaste con tratamiento de oxidación de superficie y venta totalmente metálica; La estructura integrada es conveniente para el cableado y el reemplazo.

Equipado con un motor de calidad, requisitos de par más bajos en el motor paso a paso, lo que reduce la posibilidad de bloqueo de la boquilla al retraer el filamento y mal funcionamiento al cargar un filamento nuevo.

Cambie la extrusión directa o la extrusión bowden en cualquier momento y sea fácil de desmontar. No afecta a la función inherente de la impresora porque es un kit de extrusión completo.


  • : Kit de extrusora directa mejorado para impresora 3D.
  • Admite todos los filamentos de 1,75 mm de diámetro en el mercado, ofrece una extrusión más precisa y suave.
  • Perfecto para PLA y optimiza el rendimiento de la impresión remota con TPU y otros filamentos flexibles. Viene con un motor paso a paso 42-40, este kit de extrusora directa está hecho de aleación de aluminio y plástico, duradero y resistente al desgaste.
  • Con cable de conexión del motor extrusor más largo, herramientas, accesorios e instrucciones de diagrama de cableado para la instalación, fácil de ensamblar.
  • 24 V
  • 1 Kit de alimentación de la unidad de extrusión 1 * Cable de conexión 1 * Instrucciones de diagrama de cableado Herramientas y accesorios de instalación

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Easy installation on my Ender 3 v2. Quality product for price that cant be beat. The 42-40 extruder is heavy so printing slower is a must because your X-axis 42-34 will be working double. IF your printing with TPU, slower is best so its a perfect match.
Just installed it on my V2. Super easy to do. All connectors fit 1:1. My motherboard is 4.2.2 Its an awesome deal for 28,-EUR and free shipping from CZ. Delivery time was 4 days.

Chuck Price
Had issues with Ninjaflex getting stuck even with dual-gear extruder on an Ender 3. Saw this on sale. Took a plunge. It arrived sooner than expected considering it came from China (less than 10 days, maybe). Fairly small box, well packaged. No assembly required as far as the parts go. It was immediately ready for installation. Instructions were straight forward and easy to follow. All tools required for the entire operation are included. I recalibrated the E-steps on the new extruder. It was only off by about 2. The heat, flow rate, etc. were a bit different from the stock hot end and extruder. Had to adjust filament profiles accordingly. I could have fabricated something like this myself, but for the price I just couldn't pass it up. New hot end assembly with housing/fans/nozzle/etc., new extruder motor, and all the other relative parts straight from the OEM. Also, it eliminates the need for the bowden tube, which I've never been a fan of. There is a tiny bit of tubing between the extruder and the hot end, and I could see this as possibly being a pain to work with in the event of a serious clog or the tubing should wear out. However, I don't think that that would be a frequent or serious issue. I'm getting quality prints with a variety of filaments (PLA, PETG, Nylon, Ninjaflex), and have had no issues thus far after several days. It does exactly what it's supposed to do, what I'd hoped it'd do, and I am more than satisfied.
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