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Home Collections Impresora 3D CR-10S Pro V2
CR-10S Pro V2 3D Printer
CR-10S Pro V2 3D Printer
CR-10S Pro V2 3D Printer
CR-10S Pro V2 3D Printer
CR-10S Pro V2 3D Printer
CR-10S Pro V2 3D Printer

Impresora 3D CR-10S Pro V2



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CR-10S Pro(V2)

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Impresora 3D CR-10S Pro V2
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Impresora 3D CR-10S Pro V2

BL-TOUCH Incluido: Matrix Automatic Leveling, calidad Bill Touch dispositivo de nivelación automática. Y el CR-10 Pro V2 medirá automáticamente la altura de 9 puntos únicos en la cama calefactada para determinar los ajustes ideales para impresiones perfectas en todo momento.
SENSOR SENSIBLE Detección en tiempo real, CR-10S Pro V2 tiene un interruptor de detección de escasez de material innovador recientemente agregado, incluso también altamente sensible para detectar materiales transparentes
PLACA BASE ESTABLE Y DE ALTA PRECISIÓN CR-10S Pro V2 adopta la placa base V2.4.1 desarrollada independientemente rendimiento estable TMC unidad ultra silenciosa 256 subdivisión para una impresión más fina
PANTALLA TÁCTIL HD DIGITAL Pantalla táctil HD y grandes ángulos de visión, estado de impresión, funciones y configuración de parámetros se muestran claramente, Nueva interfaz de usuario amigable, fácil de usar y aprender
TUBO DE TEFLÓN Y EXTRUSIÓN DE ENGRANAJES BONDTECH El tubo de teflón azul resistente a altas temperaturas importado garantiza una gran textura de impresión, la estructura de extrusión de engranajes Bondtech tiene dos engranajes de alta densidad y una gran fuerza de extrusión para una alimentación suave

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CR-10S ProV2
Mainboard/Screen Firmware, SD Card Files, Video Tutorial
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Bought it on 16 Aug and deliver on 23 Aug from China to Singapore which is impressive i think. Yet to open and test the printer
the best 3D printer
So far the printer has been good. It is our first 3d Printer and we got it because it was already upgraded and does not need a whole bunch of addition parts to make it great. We did have one issue that was problematic though. I assumed that each printer was set up and tested prior to delivery. I was wrong. There is no way the gantry was ever installed on our printer prior to being shipped and delivered. The seat for gantry has cutouts on each side where you should be able to take it out of the box. Screw on the gantry and plug everything in and be off and running. With our printer this was not the case. The gantry would not fit. it was too narrow. I had to run the z-axis all the way to the top and spread it out to fit. Then had to loosen a bunch of screws and bolts to get it to try and adjust the squareness of the gantry so the wheels could run up and down the z-axis without being too tight. Since this is our first 3d printer I am not 100% sure I have everything right. It should have been tested at the factory or retailer prior to shipping so they could adjust before shipping out to the customer. That being said, the order went great. The price was good and the shipping was on time. So far the printer seems to be doing well but again it is our first printer so I am not 100% sure I got the gantry set correctly. There did not seem to be much play in the frame to adjust properly.
This is an an insane good printer. It is a not quite true that you only need to install 4 screws, because you have to adjust all the things that the factory did wrong. - inner wheels on bed rail were really really tight, which meant that the wheels were getting eaten up, which also meant that the print looked like a cheap printer ( Come on Creality. This is your pro series printer. Please educate your staff ). Also it was not just my printer, Another guy had the exact same problem as me also with a brand new printer. - x axis were not level, and holding one while adjusting the other is not enough. Better to make the z lead screw loose and then tighten when it is level - wheels on x-axis were too tight - and then of cause you need to tighten the different screws on the printer that was all loose besides these things, the printer is awesome. The manual is easy to follow, with good large images the filament that was included is actually good quality Rating the printer 5 stars rating the factory assembly 3 stars
after a nightmear with my last printer always being broken and eryone not responding when my board failed after just 3 months i went on amazone and put in for most expencive 2d printer that had next day delivery then looked for the same but cheaper lol and i come across this, it come early the next day i have it built and hooked up in under 10 mins i was printing in under 15 mins and i dont think it's stopped since ive had more than a few printers and this is in a diffrent leage IT JUST WORKS i mean every single print just prints with no hassle i send the file and it prints without any issues not had a single 1st layer problem and ive printedf with all sorts of filement i press print and i cant just leave it it has everything i love it to the point i'm going to buy a second one

Q Good afternoon, What are operating systems that work with CR10 S Pro v2? I don't see these info, nor in Description, neither in Specifications. Best regards, Mickaël
A Recommended slicer: Cura, Simplify3D, Repetier-Host, Creality Slicer Operating system: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux File types: STL, OBJ, AMF
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