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Ender 5 PLUS

Ender5 plus Open Source Available now!

Firmware & Files

Video Gallery

1. Creality Ender-5 Plus Unboxing Build and Set Up!!

2. Creality Ender-5 Plus Bltouch Leveling Tutorial(2019)

3. Upgrading my Ender 5 Plus to be Silent using the New V2.2 Silent Board and adding all the PRO Parts!


  • Skyler

    OMG I figured it out, there are these little black boxes with red switches on them. The one on the arm with the filment tip was clicked down. I unclicked the little metal thing holding down the red button and it ended up auto leveling like it does in everybodys videos and tutorials.

  • skyler

    Yup same issue, bed keeps going up and I cant find a fix. I thought it was a defective product but it looks like a ton does this. Is there a firmware upgrade or do I just need to return it? Can somebody answer in here? Weird they launch their projects like this with no guide or help to fix these common issues.

  • Lee Alm

    What is the latest fw for the Ender 5 Pro? system says its running 1.1.8 but prints are poor. have checked everything i can find to improve prints with no joy.
    Really wished it worked out of the box. Main issue its as if nozzle scrapes over prints they are all messy and look rubbish, have levelled bed as per instructions.
    Not happy

  • Joseph Vloet


    I just purchased this printer and the filament run out sensor says I have no filament but I do. The printer can print but I had to disable this to get my printer to work? any ideas?

  • Josh

    I have recently purchased Creality Ender 5 Plus and I had and still have an issue with the storge card.
    I have followed the according to the menual it still not reading it (it keep saying “card removed”)
    I even changed the silent board still the same thing happened.
    Please let me know what I have to do or what am I missing?

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