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For CR-10 v2, Frimware Download -


Firmware Download

Source Code

SD Card Files & Manual



Normally, it will automatically install the driver after connecting computer and machine through USB line.

If it does not install driver,you can do it by yourself. <Slicer does not have com 3 in machine settings.>  How to Install it? 

Driver is in the SD card. 

- Right-click “This PC” from the desktop
- Choose “Properties(Manager)”>> “Device manager”.
- Find the serial port that shows yellow.
- Right-click choose “Update driver software”>> “Browse my computer for driver software”.

Video Gallery

1. Creality CR-10 V2 Unbox Build And Print!

2. CR-10 V2 Bltouch Auto Bed Leveling Sensor Installation Tutorial


  • Corey Poirier

    I just installed the BL Touch, flashed firmware, it homes and tests great, however when i try to do a print, the nozzle sits still, machine says its printing, shows a 4 hour print finishing in 13 seconds, then autohomes without doing anything. no idea why

  • Terry

    Check in device manager for COM4 in ports, set to 115200 not auto.
    In slicer, from printer settings, change from auto to COM4, change speed to 115200.
    This works.

  • Tomas

    Have big problems with the firmware for BL-Touch.
    Auto home does behave strange, parks hotend X 103mm instead of X150mm
    Controlling the printer via Octoprint yields strange behaviour.
    Issue a straight G28 parks mid board but X offset, not like original firmware.
    Using Bedvisualizer in Octoprint do the whole scan offset X 47 mm, must be run from printerboard to work from center, something is fishy IMO.
    Seams like octoprint controll no longer work as intended, must use printers marlin interface.
    Tried reset, tried reflash, tried there BL-Touch video the soft part more than once.
    If someone have a working firmware please link.
    At the point now to deinstall the bl-touch.

  • Tomas

    Did find CH341SER.EXE (unpacked it with 7zip did not run self extract archive) the exe file was 238Kb big. Then did run the set-up from the unpacked directory, that did the trick on my win 7 64bits ultimate to get the printer recognized over USB and to be able to flash firmware via the slicer. Solved it via search on the hardware ID on the web, and a bit of luck I guess.
    Maybe helps some one.

  • Tomas

    None of the windows drivers that comes on the USB with the printer do work with Win 7.
    I have not found a working one yet.

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