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For CR-10 v2, Frimware Download -


Firmware Download

Source Code

SD Card Files & Manual



Normally, it will automatically install the driver after connecting computer and machine through USB line.

If it does not install driver,you can do it by yourself. <Slicer does not have com 3 in machine settings.>  How to Install it? 

Driver is in the SD card. 

- Right-click “This PC” from the desktop
- Choose “Properties(Manager)”>> “Device manager”.
- Find the serial port that shows yellow.
- Right-click choose “Update driver software”>> “Browse my computer for driver software”.

Video Gallery

1. Creality CR-10 V2 Unbox Build And Print!

2. CR-10 V2 Bltouch Auto Bed Leveling Sensor Installation Tutorial


  • Sam

    Filament feed sensor completely stopped working on creality c-10 v2. Printer now really expensive dead weight because we cannot find the 10T85 part anywhere!!

  • Darkneo

    Hi there! Both source firmwares are corrupted when trying to open it. Is it possible to fix it? Regards

  • Al Zink

    What are the differences between firmware 1.17.0 and 1.17.1 for the cr-10s pro v2? Should I update and why? Why not?

  • Tilman Curdt

    Why is there no source code for the Firmware with both titan and BL Auto?

  • Filamentyuppi

    In the source code of both available versions the filament sensor is not defined (//#define FILAMENT_RUNOUT_SENSOR), is it been overlooked?
    Or where is the Filament runout sensor handled? Wanted to add to the firmware the behaviour to send a M600 Command, so that Tools like Octoprint have the chance to catch the “filament empty, pause the print”. Because the firmware is right now, not sending any commands.
    Have to test if the firmware stops printing on its own or if it was overlooked by creating the firmware.

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