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For CR-10 v2, Frimware Download -


Firmware Download

Source Code

SD Card Files & Manual



Normally, it will automatically install the driver after connecting computer and machine through USB line.

If it does not install driver,you can do it by yourself. <Slicer does not have com 3 in machine settings.>  How to Install it? 

Driver is in the SD card. 

- Right-click “This PC” from the desktop
- Choose “Properties(Manager)”>> “Device manager”.
- Find the serial port that shows yellow.
- Right-click choose “Update driver software”>> “Browse my computer for driver software”.

Video Gallery

1. Creality CR-10 V2 Unbox Build And Print!

2. CR-10 V2 Bltouch Auto Bed Leveling Sensor Installation Tutorial


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  • philip porhammer

    windows could not find driver for your device. I have an older window 10 PC ASUS AMD FX I downloaded CR-10v2. The PC will not see the Creality CR-10 drivers

  • Singaraju Katari

    SD CARD not working changed to a new card and reader but not reading to print

  • Sam

    Filament feed sensor completely stopped working on creality c-10 v2. Printer now really expensive dead weight because we cannot find the 10T85 part anywhere!!

  • Darkneo

    Hi there! Both source firmwares are corrupted when trying to open it. Is it possible to fix it? Regards

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