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  • James

    Where is the repository for firmware!!!!!!!! How in the hell can you throw out these buggy firmware updates with no way to rolling back. Tiny Machines and TH3d should NOT have to fix the errors and problems that you create by not testing this crap and also offering a location to download ALLLLLLLLLLL firmware for each model with the option rollback. This is basic file management 101. JEEZ

  • Robert H Van Meter

    Would be nice to see the incremental changes between firmware versions. Can you please document each version so we can see what improvements have been added? I am not one to just download the newest firmware and would like to see the source please.

  • sassi jari

    1.70.1 crashes into bed when home
    I had to go back to 1.70.0

  • Mark Cannell

    My CR10S Pro V2 just lost automatic bed levelling. Home still works… I need to try to download new firmware but where is it? URGENT

  • Steen Mikkelsen

    Then I’m starting a new print, the “Adjust” don’t show up ?

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