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Ender 5 advantages

  • High-Precision Printing Quality: Equipped with dual Y-axis motors and down-shift Z-axis, moving more smoothly, fewer points of failure and fewer headaches.
  • Brand Power Supply: Built-in brand power supply, heat the hotbed to 110℃ in 5 minutes.
  • Resume Printing Function: The printer is shielded by its power supply from voltage spikes and power outages. If electrical power is lost, prints can be resumed from the last layer, saving time and reducing waste.
  • More stable printing: The dual Y-axis motion control system controls the high-quality, stable output of the double-sided timing belt, effectively preventing the impact caused by printing.
  • Integrated motherboard power: The wires are integrated into the machine's internal controls for circuit design, device specifications and heat dissipation.
  • Design: The case is simple and large, enhancing the collaborative design of multi-regional products.
  • Simple leveling method: Large manual lathes are ergonomically designed for speed. This allows you to solve time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks.
  • Industrial circuit board: high-load safety inspection, stable performance, continuous operation for 200 hours 

Ender 5 Review

About Ender 5

Official Creality Ender 5 3D Printer
Official Creality Ender 5 3D Printer
Official Creality Ender 5 3D Printer
Official Creality Ender 5 3D Printer
Official Creality Ender 5 3D Printer
Official Creality Ender 5 3D Printer
Official Creality Ender 5 3D Printer

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

This is a very solid, well-built printer, and I am very happy with my purchase! It took a little bit to figure out that for some reason the SD Card port on my unit is upside-down. I’m not sure if this is normal but it’s not a big deal now that I’ve figure out how to get it read the SD card. Unfortunately the card that came with the printer became corrupted after a few prints, but they’re cheap these days so it wasn’t an issue to get another one. As soon as I tried printing with the new nozzle I couldn’t get any filament to come out and discovered it was all leaking into the hot end and around the threads of the nozzle even though the Bowden tube was pushed in all the way. I cleaned out the hot end and replaced the nozzle back to the original and have been able to make amazing quality prints again! I highly recommend this product but am a little leery to put any aftermarket parts on it without making sure they’re compatible first. Creality was also very helpful in addressing all my concerns with the printer and getting it working in spite of these minor issues. I would gladly do business with Creality again!


Super happy with this printer. Very easy to assemble. I added a glass bed as I was having some leveling problems with the removable magnetic sheet. I added some other recommended mods as well as recommended on many youtube videos. Once, I got the leveling correct, I have seldom had to readjust it. Took some tweaking with the Cura settings, but prints come out beautifully, especially at the 0.1 setting. Would recommend this printer to anyone.


This was my first printer and I loved it so much that I purchased the Ender 5 Plus on release day. If you run in to any issues, know that Creality support is there to help you and is very responsive.


This printer prints pretty good. I'm still trying to get the best gcode settings for my printer. But so far it's good.
It's a shame that the firmware is old .

The only, big, downside for my printer is that the bed is really bad. It;s not flat and there is a lot of height differences. The only way I can print, sort of, is with manual bed mesh leveling in a new marlin version (I use the TH3D firmware version). The 24 spot's are completely different form each other. The difference between the lowest point and the highest is 0.7mm
Without this firmware it is nearly impossible to print.
Maybe I should buy a glass bed for this issue...
(it's a shame that the only suggestion that Creality gave is using a raft. That's just a horrible thing to print every time. And a lot of waste in material)

Long story short:
Good printer with, in my case, bed leveling issue


This is a great printer. I really took my time putting it together and it paid off. The software supplied is out of date, I downloaded CURA 4.0 and used the ender -3 profile. I like to tinker, so lots of upgrades and tips on YouTube. I have ordered a Raspberry PI and camera to install Octoprint. For $500 this will get you the Ender 5 and a lot of upgrades, you can have a lot of fun and learn 3d printing. The only problem I have had is with bed adhesion. Tried some tall prints and have had them topple. It is a learning process.