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Ender 5 3D Printer

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Product Description

Ender 5 advantages | Ender 5 Review | About Ender 5 | Ender 5 Firmware 

The Advantages of Creality Ender 5 

  • High-Precision Printing Quality: Equipped with dual Y-axis motors and down-shift Z-axis, moving more smoothly, fewer points of failure, and fewer headaches.
  • Brand Power Supply: Built-in brand power supply, heat the hotbed to 110℃ in 5 minutes.
  • Resume Printing Function: The printer is shielded by its power supply from voltage spikes and power outages. If electrical power is lost, prints can be resumed from the last layer, saving time and reducing waste.
  • More stable printing: The dual Y-axis motion control system controls the high-quality, stable output of the double-sided timing belt, effectively preventing the impact caused by printing.
  • Integrated motherboard power: The wires are integrated into the machine's internal controls for circuit design, device specifications, and heat dissipation.
  • Design: The case is simple and large, enhancing the collaborative design of multi-regional products.
  • Simple leveling method: Large manual lathes are ergonomically designed for speed. This allows you to solve time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks.
  • Industrial circuit board: high-load safety inspection, stable performance, continuous operation for 200 hours.
Creality Ender 5 3D Printer
Creality Ender 5 3D Printer
Creality Ender 5 3D Printer
Creality Ender 5 3D Printer
Creality Ender 5 3D Printer
Creality Ender 5 3D Printer
Creality Ender 5 3D Printer

Creality Ender 5 Firmware Download

Ender 5 Firmware1.1.6  Download

Ender 5 3d printer SD Card File  Download

Ender 5 BL touch   Download

Ender 5 source code 1.1.61 version Download


Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Excellente imprimante

J'ai la Ender 5 depuis début janvier et je dois avouer que je suis surpris par la qualité d'impression qui est excellente.
Au travail nous avons une Prusa qui est plus compliqué à régler.
J'ai ajouté une plaque en verre (1.5€ chez Castorama), car le plateau était légèrement concave, et du coup plateau complètement plan et très simple a régler.
Je conseil cette imprimante, à tout passionné, il faut cependant passer pas mal de temps sur les réglages du slicer pour obtenir une bonne qualité, mais c'est complètement indépendant de l'imprimante.

Top 3D Printer

Very good 3D Printer!!

Alexandra Costea
Good printer

The printer is very good, i keep printing models every day and it works good. I had to adjust the extruder but after that everything was alright. I love it , i will buy from here my parts and filament

Herry S
Very good printer with very reasonable price

Printer was very easy to assemble and got it running in no time.
I had little bit of trouble levelling the bed, though mostly because I didn’t know what exactly is expected (this is my first 3D printer).
After trials and errors and the bed levelled, printing is a breeze.
Printing quality is excellent, much better than most printouts people shared on the net.
Overall very satisfied with this printer!!

Marin Rodic
As described

Great printer, shipped as described, with no special adjustment the prints are almost perfect