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Creality CR-6 MAX 3D Printer

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Product Description

Creality CR-6 Max - 400*400*400MM

-Maximized Print Volume:  400*400*400MM, Enormous space for your creativeness.

- Super Easy Assembly: only put a few parts together and good to go, start printing straight OUT OF THE BOX.

- Automatic Leveling System : Force based sensor attached at specific points and strain sensor on nozzle set your free from manual leveling.

-Golden Triangle Frame: Double supporting rods added to reduce vibration during printing, ensuring printing precision especially for large printer.

- A Quiet Printer: 32-bit silent motherboard, TMC-2209 Motor driver, and 24V 350W MeanWell power supply enable the CR-6 SE to heat up quickly and reduce noise consistently.

- High Precision Nozzle Kit: Simplicity in nozzle maintenance. You can customize it. From the heat block to the nozzle tip, among other parts, this is a Modular 3D Printer that's easy to keep!

- Dependable Extruder: Extruder redesigned extrusion mechanism, realize smoother extrusion and an easier filament feed. Ultimately generate faster, quieter, and smoother prints.

- Great User Experience: 4.3" HD LCD Touch Screen with intuitive UX UI, PhotoelectricFilament Sensor, and Resume printing function, More Practical Add-ons: Flexible hotbed fixator, foldable filament holder, stepper motor cover, tool boxes...All you need is within reach.

-More-Compact :CR-6 SE is designed with a wider foundation and equipped with dual Z-axises matched with an adjustable timing belt that translates into reduced unwanted motion and improved refined results. 

Creality CR-6 MAX 3D PrinterCreality CR-6 MAX 3D PrinterCreality CR-6 MAX 3D PrinterCreality CR-6 MAX 3D PrinterCreality CR-6 MAX 3D PrinterCreality CR-6 MAX 3D PrinterCreality CR-6 MAX 3D PrinterCreality CR-6 MAX 3D Printer

Customer Reviews

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Need check first

I have just received cr6 max.
I just mounted it, it's really promising, I can't wait to test it.
but be careful you must first check because all the screws were unscrewed, the excebtriques completely released (X - Y & Z).
I have already ordered several models (Cr-10s / S5 / cr-10s pro / ender 3 / ender 3 pro), I have never had this kind of problem.
A beginner will not have the reflex to adjust the eccentrics, no instructions in the assembly manual.
Apart from this little problem which is relatively normal because the machine goes around the earth by boat / plane / truck ...
The quality of the machine is really good