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HP Series 3D Printer PLA Filament 1.75mm 1KG Filament

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Product Description

Creality HP Series PLA Filament Features: 

  • High Purity Raw Material-Imported High-Quality Material;
  • Environmentally friendly: Non-toxic and pollution-free, High Degradable
  • Multiple Colors and Matte 3D Printing Styles: High Performance.

Product Parameter:

  • 1.75 mm in diameter, PLA filament, 1 Kg (2.2 lbs) net weight.
  • High-quality PLA filament for your 3D printer. Smooth surfaces ensure outstanding printing results.
  • Compatible with any 3D printer that uses 1.75mm diameter filament.
  • Recommended Extrusion/Nozzle Temperature 180°C - 215°C.
  • Dimensional Tolerance: +/- 0.02mm, provide highly precise & clog free printing experience.
  • Color:  Rose Red / Blue / White / Black / Grey
  • Crealiy HP PLA, HP Seires 3D Printer, Best 3D Filaments for Ender 3 V2

    Product Reviews and Print Test: 

    Creality HP PLA Review

    Wofür das HP wirklich stehen soll (HP = High Performance?) weiss ich leider nicht, Creality nennt es teilweise High Quality PLA, aber das wäre ja ein Q und kein P. Ich würde sagen, es steht für „High Pigment“ = hochpigmentiert, weil das HP Filament ist sowas von opak – blickdicht, dichter geht es nicht mehr. Nicht nur das, es ist auch wesentlich matter als normales PLA.   Read More

    creality hp series pla filament reviews. 1.75mm pla filament


    Filament review: Creality HP-PLA 3D printer filament - Creality stepping up their filament game?

    Creality does not only manufacture 3D printers, they have also sold and produce filament. With both of my CR-6 printers, I got a roll of white Creality filament. Although this filament hasn’t been successful for everyone, I liked it very much. Creality has asked me to review a new line of filament they’re bringing to the market: Creality HP-PLA 3D printer filament. Is this filament any good?   Read More

    creality hp series pla filament reviewcreality hp series pla filament reviewcreality hp series pla filament reviewcreality hp series pla filament reviewcreality hp series pla filament reviewcreality hp series pla filament reviewcreality hp series pla filament reviewcreality hp series pla filament review


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Great filament

    I print alot of tabletop scenery and influence it on my Instagram (under the hotend). I decided to give the new hp filament a go and it's now become my go to filament it's that good if you want a Hassel free amazing quality filament then this is the 1.

    Great Product

    Arrived quickly. Easy assembly and good quality.

    Time reception

    Thanks I received the ordered in a timely manner. However there was a shortage of some other parts that I had ordered. After informing Creality a week later I received the missing items as well after a quick verification process.


    Good quality and neat scrols
    Better wraping

    best white pla color ever

    I've had the pleasure of using the white pla and I have to say it had no stringing, no odor, and printed as smooth as silk.