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Home Collections Lit en verre trempé de 235 * 235 mm pour Ender 3 (Pro) / Ender 3 V2 / Ender 5
ender 3 glass bed
ender 3 glass bed
ender 3 glass bed
ender 3 glass bed
ender 3 glass bed
ender 3 glass bed

Lit en verre trempé de 235 * 235 mm pour Ender 3 (Pro) / Ender 3 V2 / Ender 5



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Lit en verre trempé de 235 * 235 mm pour Ender 3 (Pro) / Ender 3 V2 / Ender 5
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Lit en verre Creality Ender série 3 (235 * 235mm)

  • Excellente adhérence: La surface de construction en carbone et en silicone Creality art offre la meilleure adhérence sur le marché. Une fois que le foyer se refroidit à la température ambiante, la base en carbone-silicone libère le modèle qui peut être facilement retiré à la main.

  • Pratique à utiliser: La nouvelle plaque de verre peut être placée sur n’importe quelle surface de foyer existante et être maintenue en place avec de simples clips. Nettoyer à l’eau. Facile à retirer votre impression à la main ou avec un grattoir.

  • Conçu sur mesure: Conçu avec un petit logo Creality au bas du verre trempé pour éviter les marques d’impression de logo et rappeler au modèle la plate-forme d’impression.

  • Haute performance: Comme le foyer chauffe à des températures plus élevées, il offre encore plus d’adhérence. Parfait pour les impressions ABS avec des problèmes de gauchissement difficiles.
    Fiabilité: Le revêtement spécial est inorganique, avec sa dureté de 8 Mohs et sa résistance à la chaleur jusqu’à 400 ° C.

  • Compatibilité: Compatible avec l’imprimante 3D Creality Ender-3, Ender-3 Pro, Ender-3X, Ender-3 V2, Ender 5, Ender-5 Pro,

  • Remarque: La plaque de construction en verre trempé est expédiée au hasard avec le logo Creality et sans le logo

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Brand new to 3D printing. Less than 2 months in. I was having problems with adhesion supposedly because of an improperly leveled bed. What i did that i kinda regret because it look bad but kinda dont regret cuz it’s super forgiving is sprayed the bed with Elmer’s glue. Im not sure if you are supposed to do that on this bed or not but pretty much the glue is almost permanent. I fucked up the first time because i sprayed too much of it on one spot instead of doing one or two light coats. But pretty much you lightly coat the bed with elmers glue spray and your leveling can be off. You only do it ONCE cuz it looks like the glue is permanently on there and then when the bed heats up again the glue softens and becomes sticky again. I have been watching some of the glue coming off with prints but the bed still remains sticky. It fights to keep the print. I havent used spray in a month cuz its still sticky. I love the original look of this bed snd im considering buying another one but never using any adhesive on the spare. For someone that is proficient at leveling the bed, this works well without anything on it.
At first, I could not remove the prints from the bed. Simply wait a bit that it cools down and use a spray with 50% water and 50% alcool. Then it's super easy to remove the prints from the bed ! Great product.
Mine came quite warped, being higher in the middle. works perfectly with PLA but wont hold PETG at all. you need hair spray to make it work, but i think it is not meant to use any adhesives on it. Take up to 7 minutues to reach 80°C. But even having all those issues, i really like it and recommend the use, but keep in mine the downsides always come together and sadly the manufacturers hide it from us
Rich Holst
I have been using the plate for about a week around the clock. Adhesion is good, but I usually print a skirt or a small square somewhere to ensure I get a good start. It is very sticky when the plate is still hot, so I either wait for it to cool to room temperature or I put it thin the fridge for 10 minutes. The prints all but fall off after it has cooled.
I bought this upgrade to sort out my bed adhesion, I found it to be so good I have problems getting PLA off it. it could just be me, I have only had it 2 days. and only had the printer 5 weeks. A big learning curve for me.
Georg Lang
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