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Home Collections Creality CR-30: La impresora 3DPrintMill, Infinite-Z, Belt 3D
3DPrintMill (CR-30)
3DPrintMill (CR-30)

Creality CR-30: La impresora 3DPrintMill, Infinite-Z, Belt 3D

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CR 30(3DPrintmill)

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Creality CR-30: La impresora 3DPrintMill, Infinite-Z, Belt 3D
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Creality 3DPrintMill (CR-30) Belt 3D Printer:

3DPrintMill es una característica de la impresión de longitud infinita y la impresión a granel, lo que ahorra tiempo en la impresión y es rentable. La correa especial infinite-Z es la primera impresora 3D Creality en realizar un volumen de construcción infinito en el mundo.

Eje Z infinito para impresión sin fin: Equipado con la cinta transportadora rodante, realiza una impresión continua. No se preocupe por imprimir el modelo de longitud infinita. Alta productividad, ahorro de tiempo y rentabilidad (dimensión de impresión: 200 * 170 * ∞ mm) * Un soporte de extensión extraíble está disponible para instalar para evitar que el modelo se caiga durante la impresión.
Estructura CoreXY estable: La estructura de precisión CoreXY estable y resistente con soporte de triángulo rectángulo isósceles le brinda una experiencia de impresión extraordinaria.
Cinta transportadora de nylon: Hecha de nylon resistente al desgaste, la cinta transportadora presenta una excelente adherencia al modelo. El modelo impreso puede caerse automáticamente a medida que la correa rueda hacia el extremo, liberando así tu mano Fuerte adherencia| | de eliminación sin complicaciones Resistente al desgaste| Transporte bien equilibrado * Fácil de reemplazar la cinta transportadora.
Mecanismo de extrusión de metal de engranajes duales: Extrusión de metal de engranajes duales de alta calidad, combinada con la boquilla inclinada de 45 grados que realiza una impresión constante de >200 horas sin presión.
Ángulo de impresión único de 45 °: El diseño único de ángulo de 45 °compensa las limitaciones de la estructura de la boquilla vertical. Equipado con un kit de boquillas de alto rendimiento, logra una impresión continua junto con el eje Z horizontal.
Detector de rotura de filamentos: Siempre que hay un posible accidente como la escórda del filamento o la rotura del filamento, el sensor inteligente obliga a la máquina a suspender la impresión. La impresión se reanudará automáticamente después de la nueva alimentación del filamento.
Placa base/ventiladores ultra silenciosos para enfriar Asegurar/Reanudar la impresión.

Time Lapse of #3DPrintMill Printed 6-Meter Rod

Creality CR-30 3D PrinterCreality CR-30 3D PrinterCreality CR-30 3D PrinterCreality CR-30 3D PrinterCreality CR-30 3D PrinterCreality CR-30 3D Printer
Maker's Muse Creality CR-30 Review: Long sword(Model Print)
Video Guide 2
CR 30 leveling tutorial
MainboardFirmware, Troubleshooting
Video Guide 1
Creality 3DPrintMill (CR-30): Unboxing, assembled, set up, and first print!
3D Printing Nerd #3DPrintMill Update! Long Profiles Prints
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This Cr-30 machine is a piece of junk. Everytime I start it to print something it prints it and then stops halfway through printing; no error, nothing, it just stops. The quality of what it does print is also really terrible. Most of the time all the different pieces end up melted together when they're not supposed to be. I've tried everything to fix it (re-leveling, changing nozzle and bed temp, reseting the boundaries, etc) nothing has worked. It's complete and total junk. My biggest regret is building it on the fourth floor and that's only because all the windows are panes so I can't open one to chuck it out of! I would not recommend this machine to anybody unless they want their hopes and dreams crushed. Hope you're having a good day because I'm definitely not
Owen Degen
Creality machines are really conflicting for me, especially this one. Setup was almost flawless, until I ran into an issue or two where the instructions are blatantly missing steps, or where it requires two people to assemble for no good reason. Printer works well, but the included slicer doesn't work at all, you have to scour the internet for guides on how to get a slicer working. There's no information included whatsoever as to how to do any work on the machine, it's all guess work. The controller is cooled by a fan that has this grate in front of it that unnecessarily makes it sound like a jet engine. Now the nozzle smashes into the side of the printer whenever I stop a print, I have no idea if it's the machine or the weird slicer I have to use. Idk, it's as if someone cloned a really competent product, it can work if you're willing to put effort into it, but with just a few small improvements this printer could have been perfect, such a missed opportunity. Creality tends to take good ideas and machines and finds some way to screw it up, not to the point where it doesn't work at all, just so that you need to spend a few dozen hours doing their job for them. I regret purchasing this product, I can tell it's going to steal hundreds of hours of my time, it's already taken days of my life from me.
Scott Moxley
Shipping to Canada, required duty (35$~) and was quick delivery ordered May 8th received May26th. The Assembly was quick as most parts are preassembled. It's a little slower printing than expected, as I have started the Benchy included and it's been 12hrs, but the size and quality are looking great so far. I strongly recommend people to join the discord groups and forums to trouble shoot.
vicente cuellar
This printer is amazing, high quality results, prints really well, and set up is pretty straighforward. I though levelling and calibration would be difficult but it was easy. Print quality is amazing, and once you get you head around the 45º angle you end up using way less supports. I'm having a lot of fun with it and now is my favorite 3D printer.

Henry Doolittle
You never have enough bag clips. You keep printing them and they get lost so you need to print more. I told cura to print cam lock bag clips and the printer started popping out bag clips every 2 hours until i told it to stop.

matt r
I can't wait to try the cr-30 I been following it since the day it was brought to light.
Uziel Anaya
Q Hello, Will the CR30 print carbon fiber nylon? If not, are there are part available that might help achieve this? Any guidance or recommendations are very much appreciated. Thank you.
A It is not recommended to use high temperature consumables such as PETG/ABS/Nylon, because the belt is recommended to be used in an environment below 80 degrees
Michal Horaczek
Q Hello, I have a problem with the adhesion to the belt. I see that adhesion in the central section of the belt (where most of my parts are printed) is much worse than on the sides. Could you advise how to get adhesion of central section of the belt back to it's nominal condition? Is there maybe a cleaning agent which could be used to clean the belt and regain adhesion? If yes, please advise how often cleaning should be performed. Thank you for the feedback in advance.
A 1. Please wipe the surface of the belt with isopropyl alcohol 2. Re-level and adjust the tightness of the belt to ensure that the belt and the hot bed are tightly attached If you have similar questions, please contact us or
Q What are the outside dimensions of the printer? As in what sized space would it fit into.
A It is about 535*656*410. If you want to add the detachable stand, it will take more space.
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