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Imprimante 3D HP Série PLA Filament 1.75mm 1KG Filament

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Características del filamento PLA de la serie HP de Creality:

Materia prima de alta pureza importada material de alta calidad;
Respetuoso con el medio ambiente: No tóxico y libre de contaminación, alta degradable
Múltiples colores y estilos de impresión 3D mate: alto rendimiento.
Parámetro del producto:
- 1,75 mm de diámetro, filamento PLA, 1 Kg (2,2 lbs) de peso neto.
- Filamento PLA de alta calidad para su impresora 3D. Las superficies lisas garantizan resultados de impresión excepcionales.
- Compatible con cualquier impresora 3D que utilice filamento de 1,75 mm de diámetro.
- Temperatura recomendada de extrusión/boquilla 180°C - 215°C.
- Tolerancia dimensional: +/- 0.02mm, proporciona una experiencia de impresión altamente precisa y sin obstrucciones.
- Color: Rosa Rojo / Azul / Blanco / Negro / Gris
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Martin Handshaw
I print alot of tabletop scenery and influence it on my Instagram (under the hotend). I decided to give the new hp filament a go and it's now become my go to filament it's that good if you want a Hassel free amazing quality filament then this is the 1.
Quality is superb. This filament is really good, everything is super consistent and reliable. Recommend this, do not hesitate and buy it with confidence. Shipping was really fast.
John Pinckard
Arrived quickly. Easy assembly and good quality.
Wilson Yeo
Thanks I received the ordered in a timely manner. However there was a shortage of some other parts that I had ordered. After informing Creality a week later I received the missing items as well after a quick verification process.
Januar Lawanto
Good quality and neat scrols Better wraping
brandon meece
I've had the pleasure of using the white pla and I have to say it had no stringing, no odor, and printed as smooth as silk.
Imprimante 3D HP Série PLA Filament 1.75mm 1KG Filament
£ 239
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