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Support limb difference group with Form5

Support limb difference group with Form5

     Form5 Prosthetics Inc. Is a non-profit organization founded by Aaron in 2017, aimed to empower limb difference group by provide Eco-friendly prosthetics for the poor, distressed or underprivileged with congenital and other limb differences by using 3D printing and closed-loop recycling to innovate, create, and reform the future. Their passion in helping limb difference group attracted our attention and inspired us with applying 3D printing techniques to serve the people with needs of prosthetics.

     Why Limb difference group need assistance? According to CDC(Centers for disease control and prevention), about 1 in every 1,900 babies is born with a limb reduction defect in the United States. Babies and children with lamb difference might have issue for daily activities such as self-care which can even lead to psychological diseases. Form5 is impressive for their efforts taken to help limb difference group which attracted our attention and inspired us with applying 3D printing techniques to serve the people with needs of prosthetics.

     To support limb difference group with 3D Printing techniques, we collaborate with Form5 and contributed Ender-5 Plus, Ender-3 Pro, CR-10 to improve their productivity of prosthetics. In order to stress on individual difference of limb difference, Ender-5 Plus was chosen for its 350*350*400 MM large printing volume and ±0.1mm outstanding printing precision to fit individual needs. Large-format printer means bigger integrated parts can be manufactured. With high precision performance ensured by dual z-axis and preinstalled BL Touch Auto leveler, better printing quality can enhance prosthetics’ durability and safety.

     Form5 devoted themselves to empower people to successful interact with their world and their future. Once realized we ain’t just helping printing prosthetics but also changing people’s life and guarding their health, more effort will be done to assist limb difference group with Form5 prosthetics.


You might want to check:

 Form5 Prosthetics Inc. Official web page: https://www.form5prostheticsinc.org/

Form5 Prosthetics Inc. Instgram: https://www.instagram.com/form5prosthetics/

Apply for prosthetics: https://www.form5prostheticsinc.org/prosthetics


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