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  • Robert H Van Meter

    Would be nice to see the incremental changes between firmware versions. Can you please document each version so we can see what improvements have been added? I am not one to just download the newest firmware and would like to see the source please.

  • sassi jari

    1.70.1 crashes into bed when home
    I had to go back to 1.70.0

  • Mark Cannell

    My CR10S Pro V2 just lost automatic bed levelling. Home still works… I need to try to download new firmware but where is it? URGENT

  • Steen Mikkelsen

    Then I’m starting a new print, the “Adjust” don’t show up ?

  • Manfred Ram

    Need to see the source code for CR10S Pro V2 firmware (1.70.0) – please post here or email. Thanks.

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