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Creality Ender 3 Max NEO 3D Printer

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Ender-3Max NEO

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Creality Ender 3 Max NEO 3D Printer
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J. Childress Sr.
This is my third Ender printer. I have an Ender 3 S1, Ender 3 Pro and now the Ender 3 Max. It is the perfect size for doing larger prints. I am do helmets and masks with the Ender 3 max. It is very quite and smooth operating. My only complaint is the placement of the filament holder. It is located down on the side of the printer. I have already had several filament jams. I printed a new attachment moving the filament holder up to the top of the printer. Problem solved.... Very pleased with this purchase
Ed Mac
Out of the box, 7 screws, a couple of cable plugins, a manual level and then auto level and Z axis offset setting and this printed a rabbit off of the included SD card. Not bad with typical small problems with the final object. You would need to get pretty close to the object to see them. Below is a picture of a chess set printing. Already printed the black filament set. I recommend this printer to anyone that wants to enjoy a a big build space for a good price. This my 2nd 3D printer.

I got this as my first 3d printer. NEO means it has most of the upgrades that you'd end up adding on later anyway... if you're new to this like me, get ready to watch a lot of YouTube videos. I've don't quite a few prints, including this use the force bathroom sign and a handful of the "flexi" dinosaurs for my son. A good started printer for the hobby. You could go with a smaller printer, but you'll probably end up wanting a bigger one shortly after anyways.

Joseph Barneski III
I am technically minded, but a complete Newbie to 3 D printing. I had this puppy set up, bed leveled and PRINTING in under an hour. I started with the boat benchie and little bunny rabbit and they came out flawless. My Max Neo hasn't stopped printing since then. I'm finding ENDLESS free files on-line to print and the Max NEO prints them all. This machine is WONDERFUL and with a little research, you'll be printing flawlessly in no time.
This is the second 3D printer I have ever bought and I am extremely impressed. I started from the most basic knowledge of 3D printing learned from YouTube to feeling very comfortable with the process and a having high rate of success. Initially I had issues with bed adhesion but after taking the time to carefully re-level the issue was resolved. I am using cura slicer which I have found to be very beginner friendly. There are many videos on YouTube that can be used for troubleshooting. All around an excellent printer for beginners with a large print surface.
Q How long does it take to make miniature figures?
A anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours. Much depends on the size and complexity of the figure. Depending on the software you use it will tell you how long it will take. Cura does that.
B. Allen
Q They show printer witha printed object that has three colors I know that you can change filaments during printing, but how do you know when to pause
A Well if you pause it you can make things in multiple colors but you’d have to keep an eye on it and it and your different colors would have to be horizontal stripes. Alternatively you can print different parts of an assembly in different colors, you could use a multicolor filament or you could paint it afterwards. I think the image is a little misleading, I don’t think this printer can make multicolored things like it shows in the picture. At least not without assembly.
Tyler Jones
Q So I have a 16gb high capacity micro sd card and I am wondering if I can use it on this 3d printer?
A Yes you can use a 16gb high capacity micro as card. I use a 32gb card with my printer
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