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Home Collections 3D-Druckergehäuse: Sichere, schnelle und einfache Installation
creality 3D Printer Enclosure
creality 3D Printer Enclosure
creality 3D Printer Enclosure

3D-Druckergehäuse: Sichere, schnelle und einfache Installation



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For Ender 3 /3 Pro/3 V2For CR-10 Series/Ender 3 Max/Ender 5 Plus

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3D-Druckergehäuse: Sichere, schnelle und einfache Installation
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Befürchten Sie, dass die Druckqualität des offen gerahmten Ender 3 (Pro) oder Ender 3 V2 und Ender 5 durch die äußere Umgebung negativ beeinflusst wird?

Keine Angst, das 3D-Druckergehäuse ist da!
  • Verbessern Sie das gesamte Druckerlebnis - sowohl für Sie als auch für die Maschine selbst.
  • Einfach zu installieren, kann für eine effiziente Lagerung gefaltet werden.
  • Ausgestattet mit Taschen, um die notwendigen Werkzeuge zu halten.
  • Sie können leicht auf den Drucker zugreifen, indem Sie die Vorderseite des Gehäuses entpacken, das über einen durchsichtigen Bildschirm für die Vollzeitüberwachung verfügt.
    Vorteil des 3D-Druckergehäuses:

    - Schnelle und einfache Installation: Klappbarer Stauraum, einfach zu tragen, facettenreiche Beobachtung, reservierte Werkzeugtaschen. Wirtschaftlicher 3D-Druckraum!

    - Konstante Temperatur: Halten Sie eine Druckumgebung mit konstanter Temperatur aufrecht, reduzieren Sie die Auswirkungen von Druckerzeugnissen bei niedrigem Temperaturwetter, verbessern Sie die Druckstabilität.

    - Staubdicht und gute Geräuschreduzierung: Der Innenraum verwendet reine Aluminiumfolie und flammhemmendes Aussehen. Technisch gesehen schmilzt es in einem Feuer und feuert sich nicht selbst aus dem Gehäuse und breitet sich nicht aus.

    - Stabile Struktur: Ausgestattet mit einer Auswahl an Eisenrohren, stabiler Struktur und viel Platz.

Applicable: Ender 3 3D Printer/Ender 3 PRO/Ender 5 3D Printer/Ender 3 V2

Storage Size: 445X565x685

Land Size: 495x615x735

Iron pipes Diameter: 16MM

Package Included:
440 Iron pipesx4 / 560 Iron pipesx4 / 645 Iron pipesx4 / fixed-angle bracketx8 / folding shed x1
Function: Constant temperature / Soundproof / Dustproof

3D Printer Enclosure

Constant Temperature

3D printer keeps a constant temperature printing environment, allowing for much more stable temperatures once the printer is operating.

3D Printer Enclosure

Quick and Simple Installation

Quick and easy installation, folding storage, with reserved tool pockets, easy to carry(6.08lb), and multifaceted observation.

3D Printer Enclosure

Safe to Use & Stable Structure

The interior uses pure aluminum film and flame retardant appearance material and will not fire itself of the enclosure and will not spread as well.

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remy arnaud
Easy to build, very very good quality.. i recommand. Je recommande c'est de très très bonnes qualités : bien épais .. très bien
Arthur Lanoix
I bought this enclosure for my Ender 3 Pro, mainly for fire safety. Let's start by the negative points. Cons: - It's very difficult to do maintenance on the printer with this enclosure. There is no opening at all on the left side, which makes it impossible to look at the extruder for example, and I often have to fully remove the printer from its enclosure if I want to make a repair or change a piece. - There is some noise reduction, but it's limited and should not be one of the main reasons of the purchase. - The sides are a tight fit and I was forced to remove my filament guide to the left and my tools drawer to the right, even if it was located behind the control panel in a very convenient way. - The window comes very wrinkled and makes it difficult to look inside. - No light is included but you will need one to look inside the enclosure if it is closed as it gets very dark. Now, the pros: - The stitching feels strong and the velcros feel very strong, which is great to make the enclosure fully hermetic. - The flame retardant material brings me some peace of mind when I print overnight, coupled with a smoke alarm right above the printer and a fire extinguisher. I still wouldn't leave it fully unattended, since it does say "flame retardant" and not fireproof, but I thankfully haven't had to test that part yet. - The plug entrance is located to the left, which may be inconvenient for some people, but in my case I think it's a pretty good way to reach the plug quickly to disconnect it in case of emergency. - It keeps a nice and even temperature when fully closed, I haven't tried printing ABS with it but it's certainly a good way to help the printing. - The assembly is very easy and the instructions are clear. - The pocket on the side is very practical, although I wouldn't store a filament spool in there as it's extra flammable material in case of a fire, but it's very convenient to store tools.
Alex Morson
This is a nice enclosure but beware some Creality printers are too large for even the “Large” size enclosure.
I bought the enclosure recently for my CR-10. Looks quite quality product. Can be assembled in less than 10 minutes easily. Has a pocket for putting print related stuff. And back hole to get in cables (I keep control unit outside - that is safer, to avoid getting overheat). Installed spooler on top of printer frame inside. (Use metal filament extruder, plastic ones will wear out over time in this setup, or install a metallic washer into the input hole). Low light is, overpriced. This product should not be priced higher than 20-25 USD I have to use and this will be commercial price. But understanding that, there are not a lot printer enclosures in the market (such as Wham Bam), this is reasonable price.
Erdem Genel
I bought it for Ender 5 Plus and it fits perfectly. While the bed temperature was 60 degrees Celsius, the internal temperature was measured at 35 degrees Celsius. (Room temperature was 19 degrees Celsius)

zhiming xue
overall goo quality, however, i wish they could include bigger zipper opening from the sides and the back so one can I work on the printer with ease.
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