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Home Blog Ender 3 Bed Leveling: All You Need to Know
Ender 3 Bed Leveling: All You Need to Know
John - Sat Oct 28 22:47:43 UTC 2023
i love hte comment about the guy not getting it so he threw it in the trash LOOOL. its really not that hard.
Zach - Sat Jul 15 01:54:18 UTC 2023
I havent bought this yet, and i was wondering if this 3d printer can print multiple colors in one build/at a time
Paul - Tue Aug 02 10:53:18 UTC 2022
Using a set of metal feeler gauges, what is the proper distance between the nozzle and the bed?
Pat - Tue Mar 22 15:57:10 UTC 2022
This makes sense. I wonder about disregarding the nozzle temp or bed temp, as things expand thus. I would like some specifc info about the leveling; what printer paper is used? Maybe just the measurement of the paper?
Paul - Tue Mar 15 14:44:05 UTC 2022
I was completely stuck, and thought I was never going to get this printing correctly. This walkthrough was exactly what I was looking for. If folks are still having trouble, don't forget to readjust as needed once you have set all four. I had to go back and readjust my first wheel, after the fourth wheel was done. I'm back on track, and watching my print finally take (the correct) shape.
Darryl Chamberlain - Sat Mar 12 05:11:45 UTC 2022
Whereas you have not answered Mr. Windsor's question, mine is the same. After leveling the bed, the nozzle is too high to get a decent print. I regret buying this thing and your website gives no contact information where I can get help. My only recourse is to put this thing in the trash and count it as a loss.
B. Windsor - Fri Nov 19 10:40:40 UTC 2021
Thank you for this walkthrough. I did it as per the instructions BUT when I went to do a print the nozzle was 4mm ABOVE the bed! Can you explain what I am doing wrong please?
B. Windsor - Fri Nov 19 10:40:35 UTC 2021
Thank you for this walkthrough. I did it as per the instructions BUT when I went to do a print the nozzle was 4mm ABOVE the bed! Can you explain what I am doing wrong please?
Adam Smith - Tue Oct 05 03:50:37 UTC 2021
I've seen a lot of videos on YouTube and google that show how to do this but, this was the best information and the way it was portrayed was excellent like this quote "The moment you feel even the slightest resistance to your moving the paper, stop turning the knob." perfect that is what I was missing. all the others say to do it till the paper "bunches" up and I think that was what was getting me messed up. this did a perfect print "FINALLY". thanks for your instruction.
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