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Home Collections Kits d'imprimante 3D Ender-3 V2 Neo : version pré-installée Ender-3V2 CR Touch
creality online store ender-3 v2 NEO 3d printer
creality upgraded ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer
creality upgraded ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer
creality upgraded ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer
creality upgraded ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer
creality upgraded ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer
creality upgraded ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer

Kits d'imprimante 3D Ender-3 V2 Neo : version pré-installée Ender-3V2 CR Touch

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Ender-3V2 NEO

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Kits d'imprimante 3D Ender-3 V2 Neo : version pré-installée Ender-3V2 CR Touch
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Quelles sont les mises à niveau pour l'Ender-3V2 Neo ?

Précision améliorée avec CR Touch. Compensation automatique de la hauteur d'impression en 16 points, garantissant la précision du nivellement.

Ce n'est plus un lit de verre. La plaque de construction magnétique PC Spring Steel a une bonne adhérence et permet une légère flexion pour retirer l'impression.

Aperçu du modèle avec une nouvelle interface utilisateur. La fonction de prévisualisation rend visible la sélection du modèle, ce qui permet de suivre la progression.

Le chargement des filaments est facile grâce à un bouton rotatif. Plus durable

- Comparaison entre Ender-3V2 NEO et Ender-3V2 -

modèle Ender-3V2 Ender-3V2 NEO
Mode de nivellement n/a Tactile CR
Surface de construction Verre trempé Plaque de construction magnétique en acier à ressort PC
Matériau d'extrusion Plastique dur Entièrement métallique
Marque d'alimentation MEANWELL CRÉALITÉ
Taille de la machine 475*470*620 mm 438 × 424 × 472 mm
Taille d'impression 220* 220* 250 mm
Afficher Écran à bouton couleur de 4,3 po
Carte mère Carte mère silencieuse 32 bits
Connectivité Carte Micro USB/TF
Axes Z Conception d'axes Z simples
Impression de CV Oui
Capteur à filament n/a


- Déballage et impression 3V2 Neo

- Ender-3V2 Neo : Qu'est-ce que les mises à niveau et la différence entre V2 et S1

ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer,  upgraded ender-3v2 3d printerender-3v2 neo 3d printer, upgraded ender-3v2 3d printer

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First printer for me! Print really great on PLA with the default setting ans is easy to level. The NEO version is in my opinion really worth the few extra $$.
This printer is an excellent choice for a beginner. Much better quality than you would think for this low price.
I decided to get into this during the black friday sale of 2022. Ended up ordering the E3V2 Neo, and so far it has been perfect. I have been constantly printing with different materials and have had zero issues. I was able to print my first benchy, and have since printed many little projects, and have had no issues. Would recommend this 100%. Will look to getting a larger one in the future.
Jason Smith
This is a difficult review for me to write as I have very mixed feelings about this printer. I performed quite a bit of research on the best first printer as I'm very new to the hobby. I finally decided on this unit and placed my order. When my unit arrived there were several out-of-the-box issues. The first issue was a broken drawer knob, the second was open plugging in I found that the front fan on the hot end wouldn't spin. Then, after the first print, the extruder broke. I reached out to customer service to vent my frustration and for days my inquiries went un-responded. At this point I just assumed I was on my own, as a beginner with a broken "beginner" friendly machine. I have since replaced the extruder, the bowden tube and re-soldered the fan to make it operational. So after a week, multiple parts ordered and so many hours wasted I now have an operational printer. Customer service finally did respond and offered to send me a replacement extruder. I'm sorry but this is no way to make it right or take care of the customer. As of now, I have no future plans to buy from this vendor or any creality/ender products. It's pretty clear based on my experience they don't care about Quality control or taking care of their customers.
Shawn Caudill
Out of the box eveything was there and no damage... The packaging was very well made and protected the printer in everyway. Build went super easy since its mostly built anyways. All i did was tighten the 4 bolts on the center, 4 on each side and the gantry. Leveled the plate, feed the Black Silk PLA I bought seperatly and started printing the bunny. Look great so far.

mike ferguson
Perfect Prince every time even for beginners! I bought this ender 3 V2 neo with the self-leveler level the bed the first time I watch the you tube videos I made over 70 prints never had to adjust the bed yet it's got a few things missing but I am 99.5% happy with the printer I wish they would have put a filament run out sensor or sell that as an option to put on this machine that would make this printer 99.7% perfect to make it 100% perfect put a bigger bed on It but if you're doing small prints you'll be happy with it definitely worth the money

👍For Beginners
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