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Home Collections Imprimante 3D Ender-2 Pro
ender 2 pro 3d printer, mini 3d printer kit
ender 2 pro 3d printer, mini 3d printer kit

Imprimante 3D Ender-2 Pro



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Ender-2 PRO

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Imprimante 3D Ender-2 Pro
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Ender 2 Pro: Taille de construction et plus de fonctionnalités

Taille de construction: 165 x 165 x 180 mm
Méthode de nivellement: nivellement manuel
Reprendre l’impression : pris en charge
Détecteur de filament: Non
Température de la buse: ≤ 260 ° C
Température du foyer: ≤ 80 ° C
Puissance nominale: 150W
Vitesse d’impression: ≤ 100 mm / s. Vitesse d’impression moyenne: 60mm / s
Méthode d’extrusion: extrudeuse Bowden
Affichage: Avec un écran intégré 12864, vous pouvez implémenter des interactions avec les boutons de commande.<br><br>Facile à utiliser et à oser créer: Imprimante 3D Ender-2 Pro nouvellement lancée avec 7 conceptions conviviales. Même pour les novices, vous pouvez rapidement commencer et laisser la créativité couler.
Léger et portable, vous pouvez transporter l’imprimante 3D Ender-2 Pro partout: aussi léger que 4,65 kg, avec une taille comparable à un ventilateur de bureau. Equipé d’une poignée facile à transporter, son design léger le rend super facile à déplacer.
Assemblage rapide en quatre étapes : Ender-2 Pro répond de manière complète à vos besoins en matière de facilité d’assemblage. Le produit est un appareil préinstallé à 90%. Il vous suffit de serrer 7 vis. C’est tout !
Structure en porte-à-faux: La structure en porte-à-faux simplifiée et unique offre un design léger. Avec un bloc fixe supplémentaire sur l’axe Z, il peut supporter des charges plus lourdes et un positionnement allégé, restant stable tout au long du processus d’impression.

Ender-2PRO: V2.4.S4 Mainboard
Ender-2PRO: 4.2.3 Mainboard
Ender-2 ProMarlin2.0.6.1X165HW4.2.3.bin
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Loud but doable, like your mom.
Max Schmer
This is a phenomenal beginner-level printer for all ages and the print quality is top notch with Prusa Slicer, but it has two similar problems the Ender 3 Pro had: 1) The magnetic bed it comes with is tricky to get prints to stick to it without some kind of adhesion help, such as glue stick or hair spray. A 165x165mm PEI bed or custom cut glass one will serve you much better. 2) The stainless springs are quite weak. There are much stronger yellow springs and silicon socks that fit right into it (see picture) and make it much easier to keep level. Both of these optional (but highly recommended) upgrades will set you back about $20 on Amazon. A huge positive is that it took all of a few minutes to set up from packed in the box to out and printing. All that's required are a few screws set in place, it couldn't be easier. The handle on the top makes it convenient to travel with, especially if you intend to bring it to conventions or on a road trip. All in all, it's a great printer but still makes the same mistakes the Ender 3/Pro did. I still have hope that Creality will start packing their machines with stronger bed springs and a glass or PEI bed instead of the sub-par magnetic ones.

Purchased from Amazon, my first 3D printer I am pleased with this printer. I ran it for 20 hours before even bothering to print the Ed Benchy model. I bought it because I wanted to get going quickly and easily without assembling an Ender 3 or Voxelab Aquilla. After a little bit of troubleshooting, I had it printing the small rabbit file included on the SD card in no time. With minimal knowledge gained by watching a handful of YouTube videos in the days leading up to delivery. The only complaints I have is the X axis wheels were way too tight from the factory, and adjusting them with the bed on is a bit of a chore, and if you take the bed off to do it, one of the leveling knobs is a bit tricky to put back on. That being said, the wheels had flat spots because it bound in a couple places along the Y axis, but proper adjustment took care of it, and it has not affected print quality The CURA profile for the original Ender 2 works. I print at a speed of 50mm/s. 1.2 and 1.6 nozzle height gives the best prints, but I use 2.8 and 10% infill after performing an experiment with my 3d models I make, just for the sake of saving time.

great machine, sad its being discontinued, great price and fast delivery, thank creality
Ieuan Lewis
first printer was so good at small parts, I bought this second printer as a spares machine.
Ariel Kaminski
Great price. Mega fast shipping and really good Creality product - Ender 2. Thank You.

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