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Home Collections Creality Filaments d’imprimante 3D HP PLA 2KG
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Creality Filaments d’imprimante 3D HP PLA 2KG

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Creality Filaments d’imprimante 3D HP PLA 2KG
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Caractéristiques du filament PLA de la série HP Creality:

Matière première de haute pureté - Matériau de haute qualité importé;
Respectueux de l’environnement: Non toxique et sans pollution, Haute dégradable
Plusieurs couleurs et styles d’impression 3D mats: haute performance.
Paramètre du produit:
- 1,75 mm de diamètre, filament PLA, poids net de 1 kg (2,2 lb).
- Filament PLA de haute qualité pour votre imprimante 3D. Les surfaces lisses garantissent des résultats d’impression exceptionnels.
- Compatible avec toute imprimante 3D qui utilise un filament de 1,75 mm de diamètre.
- Température d’extrusion/buse recommandée 180°C - 215°C.
- Tolérance dimensionnelle: +/- 0,02 mm, offre une expérience d’impression très précise et sans bouchon.
- Couleur: Rose Rouge / Bleu / Blanc / Noir / Gris

Filament review: Creality HP-PLA 3D printer filament - Creality stepping up their filament game?

Creality does not only manufacture 3D printers, they have also sold and produce filament. With both of my CR-6 printers, I got a roll of white Creality filament. Although this filament hasn’t been successful for everyone, I liked it very much. Creality has asked me to review a new line of filament they’re bringing to the market: Creality HP-PLA 3D printer filament. Is this filament any good? Read More

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Eldar Han
Very good filament! Nice matte texture after print with my Creality Ender-3 V2 (stock). After I dialed in excursion E-step, PID tuned the nozzle and bed, did test prints for different temps with Temp Tower and Retraction Distance/Speed Towers, I finally found my best settings wich were; Print Temp: 205 C Build Plate Temp: 60 C Retraction Distance: 2,00mm Retraction Speed: 65mm/s Fan Speed: 100% (255) Very nice results with Creality Slicer (latest from the website). The Benchy on the picture was before I dialed in the settings, and were my first print with generic PLA settings. Happy Printing!

10th anniversary sale
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