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By: Creality Official

Ender-3 Series & Ender-3S1 Series Comparison


Ender-3S1 Series

- Ender-3 S1 Series Product Comparison -

Model Ender-3S1 Ender-3S1Pro Ender-3S1PLUS
Printing Volume (mm) 220*220*270mm 220*220*270mm 300*300*300mm
Layer Height 0.05mm-0.4mm 0.05mm-0.4mm 0.1-0.4mm
Printing Precison(mm) 100mm±0.1mm 100mm±0.1mm 100mm±0.2mm
Filaments Supported PLA/TPU/PETG/ABS PLA/ABS/PVA/Wood
Compatiable Slicer Creality/Cura/Simplify3D Creality/Cura/Simplify3D Creality Slicer/Cura/
Printing Surface PC Coating Spring Steel
Magnetic build plate
PEI Spring Steel
Magnetic Build Plate
PC Coating Spring
Steel Magnetic build plate
Extruder dual gear direct drive full-metal dual gear direct drive dual gear direct drive
Screen 4.3" notary knob 4.3" Touch Screen 4.3" Touch Screen
Maximum Hotbed Temperature 100 110 100°C
Maximum Nozzle Temperature 260 300 260°C
Maximum Printing Speed 150mm/s 150mm/s 100mm/s
UI Language Chinese/English Chinese/English/Spanish
File Format STL/OBJ/AMF
Data Transmission Method USB Type-C/SD Card
Filament Diameter (mm) 1.75mm, 0.4mm(default)
Resume Printing
Filament runout detection
Dual Z-Axis
32-bit silent mainboard

Ender-3S1 plus vs Ender-3MAX

- Ender-3S1 PLUS & Ender-3Max in Comparison -

Product Ender-3 S1 PLUS Ender-3MAX
Extruder Sprite Direct Bowden
Leveling Method CR Touch Manual
Printing Size 300*300*300mm 300*300*340mm
Machine Size 557*535*655mm 513*563*590mm
Power Supply 350W Creality 350W Meanwell
Build Surface PC Steel Sheet Build Plate Tempered Glass
Display 4.3 Touch Screen Knob screen
Max Nozzle Temp Up to 260 Up to 250
Max Hotbed Temp 110 110
Max Printing Speed 100mm/s 150-180mm/s
Recommend Printing 30-60mm/s 30-60mm/s
File Transfer Type-C USB/ SD card USB/Memory Card
Resume Printing Yes Yes
Filament Sensor Yes Yes
Dual Z-axes YES NO

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