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Impresora 3D Ender-3 Max - 300x300x340MM

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Product Description

Creality Impresora 3D Ender-3 Max

Potente kit Hotend: impresión extremadamente precisa: el hotend modular con una boquilla de cobre resistente al calor permite una fusión rápida del filamento y una extrusión suave del filamento.

Tamaño de impresión grande: espacio de trabajo máximo, producción máxima: 300x300x340 mm, un espacio de trabajo más amplio para su creatividad.

Sistema de polea lineal suave y estable: el movimiento suave y la impresión estable están garantizados por un sistema de movimiento confiable compuesto por una varilla especial de tornillo en T de precisión del eje Z, perfiles en V y un sistema de polea lineal.

Ventiladores de refrigeración duales: efectivos en la disipación de calor: el ventilador de refrigeración axial ayuda continuamente a disipar el calor del hotend. Los ventiladores de doble ventilador promueven un enfriamiento rápido en el filamento extruido. Entregue siempre buenos resultados.

Extrusora totalmente metálica: alimentación de filamento suave: la extrusora Bowden totalmente metálica es potente en la alimentación de filamentos.

Plataforma de vidrio de carborundum: la suavidad comienza desde la primera capa: con su superioridad en la resistencia al calor y la planitud de la superficie, la plataforma de vidrio de Carborundum ayuda a que las impresiones se adhieran mejor y los usuarios eliminen las impresiones más fácilmente. Sin envoltorios ni rayones.

TMC2208 Controlador de silencio de alto rendimiento: se adopta el controlador de chip TMC2208 de importación alemana para su uso en el eje X y el eje Y. Es eficaz para reducir el ruido y las sacudidas del motor, lo que le brinda un entorno de trabajo cómodo y silencioso.

Espacio de trabajo mucho más grande que Ender 3

 Ender 3 Max is an Upgrade of Ender 3

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Customer Reviews

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Étienne Dallaire
Great printer

Great printer do a very good job
Beware the EndZ stop switch is Bolt to the printer I cut the 2 screws and got 2 T nuts to be able to ajust the z end switch. Got some elastics to hold the bowden tube and wires
Overall this is a very Nice printer a mix of Ender 3 pro and Ender 3 V2
This my second printer my other is the Ender 3 pro so got somme spare parts for this one
Thank you creality but pleaze fix the endstop switch and put some T nuts for it 😉

Dale Johnson
Nice addition to the Ender line

The Ender 3 Max is a nice a bridge between the Ender and CR line of printers. I needed a printer with a 300x300 build volume and like the Ender series so the Max came along at perfect time for me. It's a solid, well built printer with a good feature set for the price. I added a bltouch, capricorn tubing and a compiled version of the latest Marlin bugfix 2.0. The latest version of bugfix has an Ender 3 Max config available so that saved a lot of time. I didn't try loading any of the Creality supplied firmware so I can't say how well they work. Cura 4.8 still doesn't have a Max profile but it's not hard to create a new printer or modify an existing one. Overall, I'm quite happy with the Max. I got the larger print volume I needed and was able to stay in the Ender line of printers.

Luke Larmouth
Amazing for first printer

I'm so happy with it! It prints so quietly, the prints are smooth and it's very easy to use. I would highly recommend

Laura Farrell
A hybrid of Ender 3 and CR10!

This is basically the baseplate and Y axis of the CR10 with a full sized buildplate and carbo base with the frame of the Ender 3. But it works and the price is good. I got excellent results out of box. Only hitch is that there isn't a profile in Cura or Slic3r yet and the Marlin config doesn't yet have examples. But it is basically 4.2.2 board on Ender with big frame.
On;y x and y stepper motors are TMC driven - 2208 I believe, the Extruder and Z axis are A4988, so there is a reduction in noise but not zero noise. The only thing I have slight difficulty with is the filament sensor - if you don't entirely straighten the first piece of filament it is difficult to thread through. Otherwise a good solid printer I believe with give many hours of pleasure

Not really quiet

The print quality is impressive, but silent drivers are useless, as as standard fans are even louder than a standard ender 3 easily reaching between 70 and 85db